The Promising World of e-Commerce Startups to Accelerate Your Career

Date:   Friday , June 03, 2016

Headquartered in Singapore, Shopmatic is an international e-Commerce company that enables individuals and corporate sellers to have an easy online presence by developing their own unique web store and listing them on market places & social channels.

It is a commonly held belief that when you choose to do business, you should think big. But isn\'t this applicable even when it comes to choosing your career? Over the past several years, startups, especially the new e-Commerce companies, have popped up all over the job market and though they are deemed to offer a roller-coaster ride, they are perfect professional breeding grounds to pick up incredible career experiences and invaluable life lessons. The surge of e-Commerce in India is not only driving the growth of small and medium enterprises (SMEs), it is contributing to new job opportunities and the country\'s GDP. From flexible work hours to energetic work environments, these dynamic companies ensure unique opportunities which larger, more conventionally-run organizations are found lacking in.

A startup environment brings with itself high levels of risks, but the responsibility involved and the launch pad made available, makes the potential payoff huge allowing one to get off the ground effectively. So what makes working in a new e-Commerce company so desirable? One of the prime reasons for joining such places is that your contribution serves as a prologue to real and significant results. In a startup, every effort made by an employee contributes to the ultimate success or failure of the business. In fact, these professional set-ups enable the employees in thinking more creatively in terms of approaching projects and creating a value, resulting in a first-hand role and stake in the eventual rewards and glory.

Unlike the typical 9 AM-6 PM job, an e-Commerce startup urges its employees to take up multi-functional roles as the company grows. The employees associated with it are expected to diverge from their area of expertise and wear multiple hats to execute different tasks other than just the ones they\'re accustomed to. This means a tech guy should be prepared to master skills in marketing, business development as well as sales. Moreover, they are expected to take on responsibilities and ownership of projects. This endows them with an enriching work environment and the scope to become versatile, productive and grow as a seasoned professional.

Although there are some roles like product development that require a specific skill set or qualification, most e-Commerce startups consider an employee\'s enthusiasm and determination over experience. They value their ability to adapt, take risks and multi-task, which makes the work environment ideal for those who have versatile experience or those looking for a career shift.

Promotion is yet another aspect of e-Commerce startups that enables them to rope in the professional talent pool. In contrast to established companies, where promotion can take years, startups follow a horizontal hierarchical structure instead of a vertical model. Here, promotions are dependent on an employee\'s commitment and performance. The horizontal hierarchical structure further makes these companies a hotbed of learning. Startup entrepreneurs have an unusual mental and professional frame of mind as compared to those who have never ventured into creating something of their own. Their innovative and original way of approaching problems make them the best professionals to learn from. All one needs is to come under the auspices of the right innovator.

For every employee, there is nothing more fulfilling than the feeling of motivation to come back to work the next day to take upon a new challenge. Startups are places offering this kind of work culture. Unlike larger organizations that are dominated by their predetermined notions and traditional practices, startups invite contribution from their employees in terms of ideas and practices that can help shape the working attitude of the company. In the long run, this gives the potential employees an opportunity to discover what it takes to be their own boss. So if you are someone dreaming of a venture of your own someday, an e-Commerce startup is the ideal place to learn how to set goals, implement strategies, introduce your product to market and put into practice strong business operations.

Year 2015 was a year of the unicorn startups and the ecosystem is constantly growing, thereby opening up job opportunities for employees with the potential to imbibe vital learning and insights in tandem with the company. So if you are someone seeking new responsibilities, possess the ability to work in a constantly-evolving work environment and want to accelerate your career, joining an e-Commerce company that is spreading its wings to achieve scale in its growth trajectory is the right way to go.