Allengers Infotech: Digitalizing Healthcare

Date:   Monday , February 27, 2017

Technological innovation has been the basis for the growth and evolution of all industries. Software solutions are becoming an indispensable part of organizing, storing, and analyzing daily data. In healthcare, technology has been a real game changer, instigating change in almost all the processes from patient registration to data monitoring, from lab tests to self-care tools. Today, people are given the option of undergoing a full consultation in the privacy of their own homes. This has given a new avatar to healthcare by taking the services out of the confines of hospital walls and integrating them with user-friendly and accessible devices.A modern day healthcare setup, with a vision to bring life into; medical products and IT solutions to enhance the way healthcare organizations deliver patient care and manage themselves is the Chandigarh based company, Allengers Infotech.

The Journey of Excellence

Founded in 1987, Allengers is a renowned Indian brand in the realm of medical diagnostic equipment in more than 70 countries worldwide. After having established a strong presence in medical devices, Allengers felt a strong need to utilize its immense experience and venture into the domain of healthcare IT solutions. For this, in 2010, a separate division under the Allengers umbrella was created by the name of Allengers Infotech. Due to their excellent products and quality customer support, Allengers Infotech has now managed to emerge as one of the leading providers of Healthcare IT solutions in the country with three products under its flag- HMS, LIS and PACS.

These solutions are dedicated to recognize and meet the needs of hospital-based specialties and combat the unique challenges of each branch of medicine.In other words, HMS will consolidate entire resources of hospital into a single software system. \"Our software offerings take care of the medical data gathering, maintenance and analysis part. When integrated with our medical devices, a network of devices and software within a hospital is created\", opines Rishabh Sharma, MD, Allengers Infotech.

Defining That Edge

Allengers is an Indian brand well known for offering a wide range of healthcare products that are at par with its foreign counterparts in terms of product quality, but at better pricing. It is an acronym for \"All Engineers\" a group of over 1500 personnel with around 70 skilled IT professionals in Allengers Infotech. Having an Indian market share of more than 35 percent in the realm of medical devices, Allengers constantly strives to actualize the \'Make in India\' ideology by ushering new healthcare products and technology into the Indian market. The group has been consistently recognized for excellence with awards such as National Award (2012) for \'Quality Products\' awarded by PM Mr. Manmohan Singh, National Award (2010) for \'Outstanding Entrepreneurship\' awarded by President of India Smt. Pratibha Patil, \'Rashtriya Udyog Ratan Award\' (2008) in recognition of Sterling Merit, Excellent Performance and out-standing contribution for the progress of the nation, and many more.

Outlining the Services

The flagship offering by Allengers Infotech is \'Clarity\', a Hospital Management System (HMS) that manages the complete medical, financial and administrative data of a healthcare organization and organizes it into meaningful information. Clarity was developed keeping in mind both business and medical aspects of a healthcare organization in perspective. It streamlines workflow and boosts efficiency by means of reminders, schedules and automates day to day activities. Clarity\'s powerful real-time analytics summarizes financial and operational data quickly.

Allengers\' ALIS (Allengers Laboratory Information System) processes, saves and integrates data from all stages of pathology processes and tests. The solution is integrate-able with lab machines (analyzers) that enable automatic entry of test results for each client. Automated SMS feature enables patients to receive their reports via SMS. The SMS includes a website link along with a unique ID and password for each client to view the actual detailed test report on the organization\'s web portal.

The company\'s Allen PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System) enables centralized storage (archiving) of medical diagnostic images and videos acquired from different modalities and helps them to be viewed, edited, retrieved and distributed efficiently within the framework of a healthcare organization. \"Allen PACS comes equipped with offsite & offline viewing and reporting features. It has an intuitive interface accessible from anywhere and its inbuilt reporting module with text and voice note options makes reporting easier\", says Rishabh.

Epilogue of the Journey

\"The culture of a company is what decides its success or failure, and at Allengers Infotech the culture is carefully weaved around the philosophy that employees are the biggest force in a business and their satisfaction invariably leads to creative ideas, better client relations and business success\", opines Rishabh Sharma. The company\'s mission is to create solutions that make lives of people easier, smarter and faster and also venture into the world of software solutions for businesses in the coming time. \"Ecosystems and networks comprising of devices, gadgets and software integrated with each other aided by Business Intelligence and the Internet of Things (IoT) are the vision for the future which shall redefine the way we work and connect\", concludes Rishabh.

Key Management

Rishabh Sharma, MD

Rishabh Sharma is an avid entrepreneur with an experience of 8 years. His key focus areas are product development, innovation, and sales at Allengers Infotech. The service excellence of Rishabh is traced to his academic excellence, having completed MS in Computer Information Systems from Boston University and to his prior work experience in medical devices.