Confetti Media: Internationally Acknowledged Media House Delivering the Finest Magazines, Custom Publications & Online Content

Date:   Thursday , January 08, 2015

Vinod Srinivas, CEO and Preeti Tewari, Managing Director of Confetti Media were always dedicated to changing people\'s lives for the better. This is where the duo decided to start their own company to live their passion and chose media as a platform to deliver information. Thus, way back in 2008, the two founders with one employee entered the realm of print media through their company Confetti Media Pvt. Ltd. focusing on making a difference in people\'s lives.\"We started Confetti Media when we were still finishing our graduate school. There was no investment or funding to start the company. It was passion and determination alone that drove us to venture into a media business with zero experience,\" says Vinod. Today, the internationally acknowledged media house has grown tremendously to 50 employees working from different parts of the world,primarily in India, U.S., Canada and the Philippines.

A Whole New Existing Face of Media

The Bangalore based media company primarily focused on in-house magazines. Starting off on the right foot, the launch of the first magazine was a huge success that opened doors for the company to build partnerships with corporate and other businesses. Further, to excel in the space, Confetti Media spread its wings and shifted the focus from in-house publications to corporate magazines. This led the company down the path of custom publishing and media consulting with several organizations including the government of Karnataka, the Tourism Department of Karnataka and The Country Club India Limited to name a few.With roaring success, Confetti Media in the last few years has evolved as an online media company - a whole new exciting face of media with a bag full of opportunities and unique ideas cropping up every day. \"Each day was an exciting new lesson, irrespective of whether it was a successful day or a miserable one, and one step at a time, we learned more about the industry and eventually, understood how to think like entrepreneurs and set ourselves apart from the rest,\" says Preeti.

Confetti\'s Differentiated Concept

\'Evolve or Die. And to evolve, challenge yourself fearlessly!\' was the duo\'s differentiated concept that helped the company not only to survive the cut-throat competition but also to climb the success ladder in the ever changing world of media. Confetti Media doesn\'t work by the norms and standards of other businesses as they make their own unique rules. \"At Confetti Media, we are always excited by new ideas and we are ever prepared for a new venture, as long as it passes our USP test on whether the product or venture can change lives for the better,\" Vinod adds. Every new venture or idea of Confetti Media always begins with the simple question - how can this idea make someone\'s life a lot better? The team never tried to beat or game the system. All they did was understood the system and made it work for their customers. It was this focus and difference that helped Confetti Media stand out of the crowd and excel from the rest of the players in this domain. \"We started with a magazine, dove into custom&contract publishing, and now, while we do have an eye on traditional media, we\'re concentrating more on online media and new media opportunities,\" adds Preeti.Thus, working on several new ventures online and offline, all at once, Confetti\'s biggest achievement in the space was the launch of the website \'\' in the year 2011, which is now one of the top 10 dating and relationship websites in the world, as per comScore ratings.

Mapping the Future

In the upcoming years, Confetti Media is looking forward to build their existing websites and brand themselves as leaders in their individual niches. The company is also planning to increase the total numbers of visitors per month to their website from the present number to over25 million visitors per month by the end of 2015. The team is in the process of developing mobile apps and websites, along with working on a social media platform, to link the different websites owned by Confetti Media, and its users to create an interactive network. Beyond online media, the company has its eyes peeled for new ideas in the domestic and international fronts, and kept their eyes open to enter the e-Commerce space as well. \"After all, we have more possibilities and opportunities in the world than we\'ve ever had before. And it\'s an exciting era, and the world is your oyster. All we have to do is take that next step and evolve, or get walked over,\" concludes Vinod.