InteractCRM: Enabling Enhanced Customer Experience Management

Date:   Monday , February 09, 2015

Positive, Contextual, Empowered and Purposeful are the soul-elements that infuse life into customer loyalty. Today, communication is no more limited to one communication medium, but spans multiple mediums like voice, SMS, email, video, Twitter, Facebook and web-chat. At the same time, customers are also demanding more personalized service from companies. The challenge currently faced by companies is to consolidate these point solutions into a true omni-channel experience while controlling costs and reducing time to deploy. With the mantra of \'Simplifying Customers Loyalty\', a Mumbai-based company called InteractCRM saw its dawn in 2002.

InteractCRM is a new breed of customer experience management solution providers that redefine the art of customer service and drive higher customer loyalty towards the brand. Inculcating cutting edge technologies into a true multi modal customer interaction management solution, InteractCRM helps companies connect better with their customers. As a niche player in the space, the company\'s product platform provides true omni-channel customer experience management. The solution allows enterprises to consistently and seamlessly communicate with their customers in a contextual fashion across voice, email, chat, video, SMS and social channels. InteractCRM has created a product architecture that allows companies to pick and choose the specific modes of communication relevant to their customers and deliver a seamless experience across those communication channels. InteractCRM software can be deployed in the cloud as a result of which the deployment cycles are shrunk considerably. Today, InteractCRM has built a strong portfolio across the globe with customers including ING, Essent, ADP, OfficeMax, Just Dial and WNS.

On premise deployments tend to be quite expensive. The brand offers cloud-based solutions to reduce cost and enable smaller companies to benefits from the power of contextual interaction management and at the same time allow larger enterprises scale faster. This cost effective omni-channel customer experience platform, helps companies increase customer loyalty and drive profitability. \"We are one of the first companies to offer a pure cloud WebRTC based customer experience management solution that requires nothing other than a headset, browser and internet connection to start delivering a multichannel experience,\" says Snehal Patel, CEO, InteractCRM. The company also provides additional value with its \'Callback\' solution that enriches customer experiences by generating callback requests via voice, web and SMS.

With wide acceptance of its products by customers globally, InteractCRM is climbing the success ladder with 100 percent growth in product license sales over the past 18 months. The open work culture encourages bleeding edge adoption of evolving technology standards that deliver robustness, flexibility and simplicity to its clients. With a strong core team of architects, analysts, developers and leaders with over a decade of communication domain experience, the company was recently recognized and featured by siliconindia, Telecom Reseller and CRMxchange. With offices in Mumbai, Ahmedabad, California and Netherlands, InteractCRM\'s constant focus is to find better ways to connect customers with organizations and enable its clients to follow the journey of their customers at every step. Introducing video, as a new communication channel within their product offer, InteractCRM is constantly on a mission to find disruptive ways to enhance experience and drive customer loyalty.