Challenges in Communication among Medical Stakeholders

Date:   Friday , March 04, 2016

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The new age world has woken up to the fact that communication needs to be quicker than it ever was! The new age technologies and advent of mobile has just added to the ever growing quest of bringing people together in the digital world. Now buyers can directly connect to sellers, tenants can directly reach out to house owners; passengers can directly find and connect to the nearest Cab drivers; a college friend can directly find and connect to an old pal in seconds. And the list of similar innovation goes on! The underlying goal in all listed scenarios is quick communication in your digital world.

Coming back to our area of interest, let us focus back on the needs for real time communication in medical world and the possible solutions. Doctors live the ideology of SOS and their nature of work and complexity demands the real time communication and decisiveness. There are multiple stakeholders in medical communication maze.

Few of the primary protagonists and their inter-relationship are Doctor-Doctor, Doctor-Patient, Doctor- Medical Enterprises and Doctor-Medical Students. The central point of all these communication is often patients and their well-being. The stakes are always high and the diagnosis to prescription time should be as less as possible. Ironically, medical professionals are not yet benefited from the advent of technology as much as other professionals. According to our surveys with doctors, we have found out few major reasons responsible for slow adoption and proliferation of technology among medicos:

Inherent Risk: High risk of decision making and hence a non-reliance on digital mediums.

Too many stakeholders: Multiple stakeholders are involved in decision making. This condition makes it complex to create a \'One Fit All\' application.

Hesitation to change the old habits: The current generation of medics has built a strong habit of scribbling notes on paper. Paperless in industry is a trend, but a majority of doctors in our survey found \'paperless\' a disruptive habit.

Innovation: Lack of relevant software and applications to bring all stakeholders in one platform.

Professional Compulsions: Not all relationship between stakeholders is easily two way communication. Each profession has its protocol and so does the medical profession. There is a conscious bridge between senior and junior doctors. Also, doctors from different specializations.

Legal Restrictions and Regulatory Norms: A number of innovative applications have come up using the transparency as key strategy. However medical regulatory requires certain veils as part of digital communication protocol. After all, we are not selling a \'junk bed\' here. It is the life of a patient which is at stake and it is his/her identity which could get compromised.

The silver lining is that entrepreneurs are slowly waking up to the reality and a major thrust of innovation is focused on building technologies, which will enable medical professionals to solve their daily problems. Companies ranging from Google to startups, around the world, are trying to solve medical professional\'s problems. While majority of innovation is in Doctor-Patient communication channels, rests are exploring other bridge areas such as Doctor-Doctor Communication to enable quicker decisions and transparency in patient diagnosis.

Areas such as Case Management and Referral, Patient Management and Note Sharing, Job Sharing, Job Search, SOS related medic connection and alerts are the hot areas of digitization. Firms are working on these domains and in recent future, we might see new launches and doctors getting more technology savvy. We are going to witness a new dawn towards reducing the window time from diagnosis to treatment. Thou shall give more power to innovators!