Qentelli: The Disruption Software Engineering Needed!

Date:   Thursday , June 30, 2016

Over the years Cars developed features like auto-park, cruise control and collision detection, it was Tesla that revolutionized the automobile industry by ameliorating these features with Artificial Intelligence to make Autopilot cars a reality! Qentelli, a Continuous Delivery Company, brings such thinking to the software engineering world through Orchestrated Engineering, thrives on Innovation and brings next gen solutions such as Automated Problem Solving to the application engineering lifecycle. The disruptive thought process of this Dallas headquartered company provides among several other offerings, AI solutions with machine and self-learning algorithms that find a problem, tell your teams there is one, fix it and tell what it was with a detailed analysis, so you can avoid it in the future.

Continuous Delivery through Quality Engineering & DevOps

Rewinding a little, let us see why automation is such a boon for the software industry. Traditionally, software applications were built by teams working for a month on design, a few months in development and a few weeks in testing. But, the downside is that they often have to start over after enduring all this hassle, in cases where the end product was entirely different than what the client had in mind. Then came along the Agile or Iterative development process! It eliminated the last minute surprises and made things easier with monthly or quarterly releases. But in today\'s fast paced world, such release cycles are frowned upon astoo long. Though DevOps came around with the intention of unifying various teams and eliminating wait times in the application lifecycle, it ended up being a team or toolset that came too late in the game. But to have the ability to release at the pace that your business and customers demand, it is imperative to be able to Continuously Deliver. Coming as a rescuer, Qentelli pioneered point solutions and services that enable Continuous Delivery through a combination of Quality Engineering, Quality Intelligence and DevOps.

Improving the Quality Standards

The company delivers Quality Engineering, Quality Intelligence and Quality Assurance services that span the entire Application Lifecycle. With traditional testing, people are blindsided devoid of information such as how much coverage do they have and how much testing they have completed. Qentelli brings forth a business process driven approach, whereby it breaks down features & functionalities and groups them as business processes. This permits the company to provide more coverage and improve the quality of code, testing and functionality; pretty much the overall quality of the application. \"We provide Orchestration Engines that enable teams to have more control, visual traceability and AI for automated problem solving,\" remarks Sanjay Jupudi, Founder & President, Qentelli. Executing performance engineering (not just performance testing), the company dives deep to identify the root cause and eradicates the same along with development teams. \"With an engineering mind set, we help companies with capacity planning, scalability planning and also overall performance improvement,\" adds Sanjay.

The company delivers all its services through SDET (software developers in test), which allows it to automate across the application engineering lifecycle to provide more efficiency and velocity. Qentelli has abundant agile and pro-agile practices that can help in testing practices within software engineering life cycle. \"The beauty of our solutions and services is, they are not tied down to the industry domain and technology, making it more exciting and viable for quicker implementation. On an average, we believe we can help enterprise cut down their release cycle time by more than 25 percent through automation of the lifecycle events,\" explains Prasanna Singaraju, Co-Founder, Engineering Chief & CTO, Qentelli.

The company\'s commitment to Innovation goes back to the first team it hired at Qentelli - The Innovation Group, which analysed strategies to solve the root problem of delayed delivery with automation. Right at the start, Qentelli had a few weeks of heads-down technothons (like marathons) that resulted in several different ideas, prototypes and algorithms - which later on the company filed as patents - five of them to be precise. Though the company has crafted seven inimitable QI tools so far, it derives revenue from service delivery, while the products are being deployed as a value add to its services as of now.

Relishing the Steepest Climb

Hailing from a testing & quality assurance background and having built one of the largest testing companies in the world, naturally Sanjay and Prasanna, have the capability to connect with and understand enterprise business and application teams. The duo landed on the name Qentelli to represent the core principle of Quality, ENgineering and InTELLIgence. Not only the name is interesting, but so is the story that narrates the journey of this automation juggernaut. Initially, Qentelli had to bear the standard startup troubles such as finding the right team, having the delivery infrastructure and winning business as a startup. But, this trailblazer had the steepest climb from being a startup to a mature delivery organization in less than 12 weeks since inception, thanks to the concepts & new standards it has been defining, the technological innovation & breakthroughs it has made and its Q2I suite (Qentelli Quality Intelligence Suite) - a-first-of-its-kind product suite. Today, ten months later, having impressed top-notch clients that include a large airline based in Dallas, TX, Merchant Customer Exchange, YPO and several others in the U.S. market,Qentelli has expanded its Delivery Center and increased the capacity by 200 percent to support and scale with its growth plans.

One Big Happy Family!

Though Qentelli\'s roots are firmly rooted in Dallas and Hyderabad, its workforce is distributed across the globe, wherever its clients are. The organization has cultivated a healthy and friendly work environment, as it firmly believes that a happy work place brings mind space that allows teams to be productive, innovate and exceed their own expectations. This pleasant environment brings the desired results for everyone, especially to the clients. Sanjay and Prasanna believe that having an \'open door policy\' is often not enough to encourage people\'s input. Therefore they brought in a culture of soliciting inputs from employees empowering them to express themselves freely and discourage \'organizational silence\'.

\"We can teach people what they need to learn, be it development or testing, but we cannot teach them passion. Hence, we hire bright individuals who have a passion to excel, towards technology. And today, we are a dynamic and passionate bunch, enjoying each others company as much or more than what we do,\" says Prasanna.

Being at the leading edge of technology, Qentelli understands the importance of having a very strong training program that constantly evolves apace with the advent of new technologies and domains. Hence, within their first 100 days, its people undergo a mandatory 100 hour program, which covers the best practices in Dev, Test and Ops, Continuous Development, Continuous Testing, Continuous Integration, Continuous Performance Testing, Security Testing, Continuous Release and Deployment, Continuous Feedback, DevOps, Continuous Delivery and most importantly, the Qentelli Way and its core philosophy. The company also has monthly and quarterly knowledge transition programs that keep its people up-to-date with the latest industry trends and Qentelli\'s innovations. Encouraging bright ideas and keeping the energy high on the floor is the company\'s Idea tree, which is monitored by its innovation steering group.

Lightening Growth Driven by Innovation

Globally the market space Qentelli is in represents about 70-80 percent of the total IT spend, which bestows the company with plethora of opportunities. Moreover, nowadays, to stay ahead of the competition, every company has to act like an IT shop, or at least invest heavily into their IT. Since the current manual testing and regression automation alone cannot provide Enterprises the agility and release velocity, Qentelli\'s services becomes a necessity for all application development and engineering teams that aspire to release at high velocity.

Inline with the influx of such opportunities, Qentelli has recently expanded its delivery facility as well as operations in Hyderabad & U.S. and increased its capacity in the process. While this bootstrapped company intending to grow organically and inorganically doesn\'t see the need to raise funding at the moment, they might reassess towards the end of this financial year. \"We are committed to invest in our innovation group for sustained progress.We do have a roadmap of products that we plan to bring to our customers during Q4. At the pace with which we are going, we see a few more products and solutions and perhaps a few more patents,\" hints Sanjay. It is safe to say that, for a disruptive force akin to Qentelli, these indomitable innovations are not the destination, but just a stepping stone elevating it towards a greater journey.

Key Management:

Sanjay Jupudi, Founder & President
Sanjay is a dynamic leader, technocrat and thought leader, and an engineer at heart. Having over 18 years of experience to his credit,Sanjay was instrumental in the testing and quality services space, building a $100 million testing company. As President, Sanjay orchestrates the Customer Engagement, Service Delivery and Operations teams at Qentelli.

Prasanna Singaraju, Engineering Chief & CTO
A natural leader with a penchant for technology, Prasanna brings diverse experience ranging from RF Engineering to Infrastructure. Passionately spearheading Engineering Services, Solutions & Service Delivery and Innovations Group at Qentelli, he takes a hands-on approach to design, architect & implementation of the offerings delivered by the team.

Offices: Texas (Headquarter) & Hyderabad

- Quality Engineering - CI/CD, Early Automated Testing & DevOps
- Quality Intelligence - Metrics & Analytics to understand the trends & further to Predict Quality
- Quality Assurance - Functional, Non-Functional & Business Process Testing

Case Study
A leading Dallas based airline had one person collecting data from their 400 people QA team to compile a report, which took 14 days. The problem was the leadership team had no idea regarding which metric belonged to day one and which to day 14, while reviewing the report. That\'s when Qentelli developed and deployed a Quality Intelligence Solution powered by its product TED, the engineering dashboard. It collected all the information automatically from Excel sheets, HP, Quality Center, JIRA & various other tools and correlated them based on what it found on different instances; thereby preparing accurate, real-time reports in an automated fashion.