U&Me Communication: Transforming Enterprise Communication through Ultra-Secure Mobile Messaging App

Date:   Sunday , August 23, 2015

Pampered by WhatsApps and WeChats of the world, endeavouring to magnify productivity and reduce the time it takes to reach an employee, enterprises are crying out for enterprise-level messaging platforms. However, their hands are tied due to roadblocks such as dearth of security and professionalism in those platforms. Realizing this dire necessity, U&Me Plus was born in 2013 to bring a dimension of ultra-secure over-the-top-services for enterprise to cut communication costs and also engendering the next generation of communication in enterprise with rich-media features. With 15 months of meticulous R&D, Srinivas Oddati, the progenitor, leveraged ten years of software system development & technical system design background to chisel a 256-bit encrypted, ISO 19000, 20000, 27000, MQTT and HIPAA compliant messaging app that takes enterprise communication to the next level.

The \'Creme de la Creme\' of Messaging App

This success story began in India and later sailed to Malaysia. Headquartered in Kuala Lumpur with development centre in Hyderabad, U&Me features a consummate messaging package far more powerful than the consumer messaging apps by providing a ballet of add-on services. This Crème de la crème of the messaging sanctions enterprise facilitates users to create illimitable size groups and administers targeted messages with upto 100MB of files attachment, which includes PDF, image, text, document, media-audio, video among others to individuals, entire groups or by specific criteria. It offers enterprises ultimate control over the content and receivers through features like Self Deleting Messages, Forward Lock, Large File Attachments, Surveys, Message Recall with Social Media and e-Commerce integration.

Infact, U&Me Plus provides white-labeling option to enterprise customers who wish to maintain and enforce their corporate branding/identity. \"We are backed by financially strong OM Technologies Group in Malaysia, and Private Equity Gateway Group in Australia\". U&Me works well on all smartphone platforms and also has enterprise desktop web interface. U&Me Plus comes with off-the-peg API integration-pack to Microsoft Exchange, SAP, Oracle, Sales Force and many other ERP systems,\" asserts Hamid Rashid, COO, U&Me Communication. Via active directory, it pushes notifications such as leaves, claims through U&Me Cloud into the messenger app of staff. To eliminate risks of data leakage and enable strong security, the company has outsourced its entire infrastructure as managed service to a globally recognized data centre.

Renovating Dot Com Work Culture

Initial challenges of hiring experienced engineers eventually drifted as its cutting-edge innovation started attracting industry experts. U&Me motivates workforce by encouraging them to get certified in respective fields, providing company shares to top performers including above-market-rate pay-packages, and fine-tuned bonus scheme amongst others. With a bandwagon of clientele such as Bank Rakyat-Malaysia, SIMS Hospital, ShreyVESPA, Opportunity International-Australia, and many more, U&Me is all set to generate $10 million revenue by the terminus of this year and the next three years are poised for greater success, after which it will go for IPO in Mumbai, Singapore and London.

With plethora of success stories, U&Me received gold awards for \'Invention & Innovation Award from Malaysian Association of Research Scientists\' and \'Best Enterprise Mobile Communication App Award, by IGMASA India\', along with eminent mentions in almost all major newspapers in India, Malaysia and Australia. \"In product development segment, we are still in progress and we plan to release a glut of features – VoIP calling, Audio-Video conferencing, e-Commerce and Payment Gateway by this August. To keep up with market needs, we have orchestrated incipient features to be relinquished every month for the next one year,\" concludes Srinivas, Founder & CEO, U&Me Communication.