Ciber India: Bringing all the IT Services under one Banner

Date:   Sunday , December 08, 2013

Having recovered from the Eurozone financial crisis in 2012, the global Information Technology consulting market is on a rebound now and India is becoming one of the favored nuclei for global delivery. Market is showing a phenomenal growth and in spite of competition from other countries, India has been able to hold its position as the most sought after destination. Ciber Inc, a global IT consulting services and outsourcing company, headquartered in Greenwood Village, Colorado, is using its presence in India to deliver solutions and services to customers all over the globe. Ciber has offices in 19 countries around the world and it has integrated its business operations to become a global consulting organization.

Integration of Services

In the last three years, while Ciber has integrated its global organization, it also has added a whole gamut of new services to its portfolio. Today, the company has an extensive repertoire of services to offer– Services in ISV applications such as SAP, Oracle, INFOR, Sales, Microsoft CRM to name a few; and Services in Applications Development and Maintenance using Java, .Net and other technologies. Ciber also has a strong set of offerings in Business Intelligence and Analytics, Testing as a service, and offers services in emerging technologies like cloud, mobility, application integration and content management. Ciber India has two business models – 1. It is the global delivery center for the customers in North America and Europe; and 2. It services local customers in India. Ciber India is leveraging its experience by rendering services to diverse clients all over the world using its technology experts to design and deliver state of the art solutions.

Ciber India broadly offers three types of services. \"Consulting services has always been our bread and butter. In addition, we deliver end-to-end Project services and Managed services to our customers, which include IT strategy consulting, business analysis and architecture planning,\" says Vivek K. Marla, SVP and President, Ciber India, who is responsible for the leadership, strategic direction, operational management and delivery excellence of the company in India.

Marla has previously worked for 20+ years at Oracle in leadership roles focused on driving transformational change, strategic focus, business development and talent management. In his tenure with OSSI (Oracle\'s global consulting group), he developed a top-notch consulting organization, expanded it from 250 to more than 1300, while simultaneously increasing the portfolio of services being offered by nearly 400 percent. He developed new markets for the organization in 40 countries throughout Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the America. Marla took over the leadership role of Ciber India in 2012. With such people in the leadership roles, Ciber is able to visualize the technology needs of customers, lay out an IT strategy and enrich its portfolio of services.

Today, Ciber understands that there is a requirement of strategic, organizational, technological and capabilities alignment. It helps enterprises in aligning their IT capabilities to business strategies, and provides an integrated framework that optimizes resources, investments and talent within an organization. With its end to end Service offerings, Ciber is enabling access to best-in-class IT capabilities, find highly specialized support for custom operating environments, operate within pre-certified and compliant environments, and take advantage of latest operating and delivery models, such as cloud or \"as-a-service\" environments. The company\'s delivery models match the business goals through on-site and off-site services which provide the flexibility and mobility that customers and employees need.

Inclusive Work Culture

Developing and fostering a strong corporate culture is not simple, and there is no fixed recipe to success. One of the most important aspects of corporate culture is encouraging employees to embrace change. The business environment is always changing, and leadership\'s job is to ensure that the organization adapts and evolves to meet those changes. Ciber India has a transparent, flexible and empowered work culture which encourages the employees to be involved in every aspect of business. The large portfolio of skills and services helps the employees to expand their knowledge in various areas. Employees see a prospective future while gaining expertise in a wide variety of technologies and working on a global platform.

Ciber aims at becoming a leader in the mid-market segment and providing end-to-end IT services both in emerging technology and older technology. Ciber India is becoming the nucleus of Ciber Delivery, and today with more than 1200 top notch consultants, Ciber India will be one of the key drivers of Ciber\'s success.