Libre Wireless: Enabling Mainstream Connected Products

Date:   Monday , September 28, 2015

Wi-Fi is not just a stylish ingredient making smartphones smarter, but a key cornerstone on which the future of IoT lies. Though Wi-Fi is almost everywhere in India, its basic use case at homes and enterprises is still limited to browsing internet. But the day is not too far when all the products in our homes will be connected to cloud and behemoths of data will be collected there enabling the apps to use that efficiently. Libre Wireless Technologies, a Wi-Fi technology &solutions provider, is at the forefront driving this revolution with its innovative, high-performing, feature rich platform, namely LibreSync (LS),offered at compelling price points vis-a-vis other solutions. Libre team has extensive expertise in developing wireless and media streaming platforms and SDKs, electronic modules and RF/antenna design solutions, combined with worldwide sales, technical support and design partnerships.

The audio streaming industry is primarily driven by Apple\'s Airplay, Spotify and Google\'s Cast for Audio. Libre\'s strategic partnership with these companies enables Libre to integrate all these solutions together as part of LibreSync (LS) platform. The company and the team has a great reputation of working with the best brands around the world, supporting customers from the product definition stage to choosing the appropriate platform for their prdocuts to production and provides exceptional after sales support. Determined to endow customers with excellent support, Libre has a China team set up and has R&D engineers visitng China frequently to help the ODMs & it\'s overall ecosystem.

Striving to Best Itself
Libre was founded in 2013 by Hariharan Bojan (VP Engineering & India Operations), Hooman Kashef (CEO) and Jordan Watters (Chief Revenue Officer), a bunch of colleagues who built a path-breaking streaming audio product that was recognized as the world\'s best platform. As their company got acquired by an MNC, the trio chose to move out and build the next big media streaming platform. Competing with the best, Libre vested utmost importance in building an innovative technology within a shorter go-to market time. Putting together an ecosystem of all the best brands, manufacturers and team members to create the product within six months helped it to regain the market. Our team has created a huge reputation and we have lived up to that,says a proud Hari.

LibreSync Optimal Performance, Size, Power & Cost
The company\'s flagship product, LibreSync (LS) incorporates unique media streaming technology, broad mobile platform ecosystem support, seamless interoperability, scalable price/performance solution options, optimized and flexible WiFi/Bluetooth options (1/1 11n, 2/2 11n, 11n/ac) and extensive system level features. There are diverse versions of LibreSync with different hardware configurations and common software, which supports some of the premier applications from major brands. Companies around the world including U.S., Japan and Europe use this LS platform for creating their products. Leveraging LibreSync, SK Telecom,a Korean company made their product UO Linkage, a feature rich product with AirPlay, Spotify, DLNA, TuneIn, Melon and MRA (Multi Room Audio). It went to production/market in less than 10 months, which is a record for the fastest time-to-market for any Wi-Fi based streaming products in the world, build out of a new platform. This speaks volumes about the platform stability and Libre\'s support system.

In the largely service-based Indian IT ecosystem, it is quite a daunting task for a technology company to edify people about its processes; especially hiring specialists while exploring new territories. Fortunately for Libre, most of the team used to work with Hari for about 10 years. Realizing that none of them are a mere cog in a wheel, Libres 100 people strong team strives to achieve more efficiency and value.

Seven Day Weekend Culture
Libre gives a whole new meaning to open and flat organizational structure with almost zero HR policy and bureaucracy, where there are not many managers. People come to office because they want to and not due to the enforcement of some leave policy. People at Libre relish a Seven Day Weekend culture, where they get to play football, badminton, table tennis, cricket, learn Salsa and watch their favourite movies on weekdays or whenever they want. There were several weekdays when we have watched movies, played every game, danced and then there have been several weekends when we worked hard to get our product releases out. We enjoy working hard and getting our products done as much as we enjoy playing & dancing! Our effective deliverables are the side effect of the fun we have at the office. If you love what you do all days become weekend, Hari explains the culture that has ensured zero attrition. The company that hires selected set of freshers, trains its people in a manner that would be life-changing for each of the new hires, ensuring that every new hire plays a signnificant role in taking the organisation to the next level.
Innovation Coupled with Effective Solutions

The ample amount of money Libre invests in R&D, despite being a startup, substantiates its thirst for innovation. Being extremely cost sensitive, the company often craft platforms that are not meant to be used for these kinds of applications and transform them into rather fruitful. Following up with its successful LS6 modules(which are currently being used in a lot of OEM designs), several new module designs are in development that would support AirPlay, Spotify, Google Cast for Audio, Deezer, Tidal and Multi Room Audio among all the other features at different price points. Some of these modules would be designed into Speaker docks, Soundbars, AVRs, LED lamps with Speakers and Headsets while the others would be designed into general IoT products (smart home), which includes Apple\'s Homekit support as well.


Key Management

Vipul Datta, CEO

Over the past 22 years, Vipul has transformed FSPL from being an IT reseller company with single man operations to services/annuity business focused organization with a professional culture.


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