Solving Common Man's Problems - A Clich Working Well for Startups

Date:   Monday , December 14, 2015

Rare has now become the new common for channelizing what is exactly required to be served to the society. Buying groceries, arranging a source of local travel, searching for a good eating joint, arranging a doctor or getting the right kind of a wedding planner are some of the problems in today\'s time constrained scenario. And the intelligent ones are those who are identifying these as opportunity areas and here is how:

The Technology Halo Smartphone is an Individual\'s Personal Assistant
In an era of tech-driven masses and with the advent of technology, it is evident how everything in life is contingent on tech. It was only a matter of time that someone said Why can\'t I book a ride on my phone, it pretty much does everything else. Bringing our fundamental activities on technology seems only like the next logical step.

Stick to Your Idea, Come What May!
Every guy wants to solve the world\'s problem\', shall come along as you continue challenging & paving your way through the bedlam of non enthusiasts. One person impressed means a ten more on their way and the word gets passed on; good enough for giving your business a push in the very initial throw of the idea.

Digital India shall keep the Momentum on for SMEs!
Having studied the agenda of the initiative, there\'s a lot that tech startups can relate to, because innovators would get more room for experiment. Digitization is the next big thing in India and SMEs can grow bigger through SMAC becoming the only platform of leveraging resources.

Add Value & Worth to the Product
Value & worth make a perfect blend for customer satisfaction. The line of differentiation between \'wants\' and \'needs\' has almost faded, hence, once the desires are taken care of, value & worth come in complementary. The product without doubts becomes a hit if it is for the masses, but to hold all aces the quality must carry good adjectives.

Scalability Comes from the Most Common Places
Scalability comes with the potential of your product to grow and the potential comes from the need of the masses. Sometimes a logical issue can have a bizarre yet effective solution key to it. Need of the hour for the startups to bear fruit is chasing the needs of others.

Solving the common man\'s problem is a clich\' which has worked really well for startups and will continue to do so because these are the tangible issues that are looking for innovative solutions.