The Mobile WiMAX roll out

Date:   Monday , March 03, 2008

A tremendous amount of investment, worldwide, has been made into creating a robust Mobile WiMAX ecosystem. This should continue for the foreseeable future in several areas, including subscriber devices, network optimization tools, applications and services development.

With the adoption of the Mobile WiMAX standard (802.16e-2005), broadband wireless deployments will begin in earnest in 2008. Specifically, service providers will start using this technology as a fixed and nomadic application in order to provide subscribers with a broadband-to-home solution. As these networks grow, both in subscriber volumes and ubiquitous coverage, we will see additional multimedia service offerings delivered over these networks. We will also see greater demand for development of subscriber devices to address this growing market. Such devices should have expanded features and functions at attractive consumer price points.

Yatish Pathak, CEO and Founder, SOMA Networks Inc