Machintel Corporation: The Mystique of Digital Marketing Realm

Date:   Tuesday , October 07, 2014

The four magical screens: mobile, computer, TV and bill boards have changed the way marketing was done. It\'s a new war chest that has encouraged digital marketing be at the forefront of any other marketing tactics. Telemarketing died long back; it is the era of content marketing through these four magical screens. Way back in 1999, when the telemarketing companies were still making a shift to become a digital one, Machintel Corporation had already established itself as one of the most innovative online marketing and digital media companies strengthened with their ethical marketing and corporate governance policies.

With mergers & acquisitions running at its top gear, the game has gone global which has generated the need to create glocalized marketing content. Being a 16-year old player in the game and working with global players, Machintel understands every pulse of the digital marketing industry, thus effortlessly helping their clients acquire appropriate customers by generating customer insights through social intelligence aka business intelligence and marketing automation. While Machintel generates customer insights through lead generation and content marketing campaigns for marketers in the B2B spectrum world-wide, they aid B2C customers via brand building awareness and ecommerce in India. Machintel\'s proprietary technologies and astonishing media reach facilitates them to deliver qualified prospects to customers in a reliable and scalable volume at a competitive customer acquisition cost. This is why the company has been growing with a whopping rate of over 500 percent for the last several years.

Machintel has one of India\'s largest and current data base for both businesses and decision makers across information-intensive industries like IT, healthcare, BFSI, human resources and marketing. With about 20 industry specific platforms akin to ITmodelbook and FinanceModelbook, the company ushers their clients to the right audience. With over 2.5 million professional subscribers across 5 verticals, Machintel is well on the path to gleam as an excellent publisher.
Unlike other marketing agencies who perverse their clients by feeding them what\'s not needed, Machintel starts with understanding the business needs of their client and then offers them customized digital marketing solutions. Standing shoulder-to-shoulder with their clients, Machintel shares the credit with them but if things go wrong as they sometimes will, they take up the loss with their shared-risk partnership model. This brings a lot of credibility to the company and clients reside their trust on them.

\"Our secret strengths lie with our core people who have years of industry experience and invest tremendous amounts of time in finding the right talent fit amongst the torrent of young Indians surging from colleges for our organization,\" says Mark Choudhari, Chairman, Machintel Corporation. Unlike other organizations that are exacting with their employees, Machintel provides its\' employees with an open work culture to not just grow but flourish as individual digital market leaders.

Running on the three mantras of Sincerity, Capability and Trust extending from clients to employees; this 170 people strong company maintains a flat hierarchy where juniors can promptly communicate with higher authorities without boundaries and vice versa. Their optimal size enables them to uphold well-defined systems, processes and the highest standard of ethics within the industry. \"Working sincerely is not enough if you are not capable, and being capable is nothing without the trust of clients and employees; we need all three. It is not about how many balls you face, but how many runs you score. Hence, it is great to see that our employee family has a very strong profitability mindset and our team leaders always have their sights on productivity,\" says Mark.

En Route to Future

Machintel has a large clientele base across North America and Europe, and endeavors to increase their geographical focus to the Middle East and the Asia-Pacific. As there is tremendous scope for the retail market in India, the company also is implementing plans to broaden their service offerings from B2B to B2C to cater to the retail and consumer markets in India.

\"There are a very few innovators like us who work across continents. Under such circumstances, it is important that you are able to trust the person on the other side of the screen. To walk the talk, we work in the pay for performance model, where we step up and take the loss, when something goes wrong. Because at the end of the day, it is all about us building long term partnerships with our customers,\" concludes Mark.



Mark Choudhari, Chairman

Mark is the chairman of Machintel Corporation which is part of the Lotus Group of Companies. He is a serial entrepreneur and participates actively with start-up and angel investment groups.


Lead Generation, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Ecommerce & Brand Building, Business Intelligence & Customer Insights.

Offices:Cambridge, MA (USA), San Jose, CA (USA), Pune, India.

Representative Clients:

HP, IBM, American Express, GE Healthcare, Sears, Citigroup, Workday


Innovation in Marketing Automation – 2013 by US International Trade Commission

CEO Speak:

Machintel provides digital marketing and lead generation services to help companies acquire new customers by reaching the right buyers and decision makers. Machintel is a leader in vertical marketing across multiple channels and serves global clients in areas like retail and consumer services, IT, BFSI, marketing and sales, human resources, healthcare and other verticals.

In India, Machintel assists companies with e-marketing, digital services for ecommerce, brand building, and lead generation. Machintel\'s LeadFruit™ Solutions are specially focused on assisting Indian start-ups find customers globally for their products and services.

Machintel is part of the Lotus Group and has received several awards for innovation in online marketing and digital media.