Dataguise Pockets $13 Million in Series B Funding

Date:   Thursday , October 03, 2013

Dataguise, a provider of data security intelligence and protection solutions, has closed a $13 million Series B funding round led by Toba Capital. The company plans to utilize the financing to further expand global sales, marketing, channel development, and support efforts, as well as ongoing innovation of its DgSecure suite of products, the DgSecure platform allow businesses to achieve a 360-degree view of their sensitive data assets across Big Data and traditional data repositories.

"This round of financing gives us additional runway to execute further with our growing family of channel partners and end customers, while extending our technical capabilities and aggressively expanding our footprint and market reach worldwide." says Manmeet Singh, CEO, Dataguise.

Organizations globally are exploring the advantages of Hadoop and its ability to enable the analysis of data patterns previously inaccessible. However, compliance and security officers are mindful of the sensitive information located in these large data repositories and the lack of controls to prevent unauthorized access. Traditional approaches to securing Hadoop fail because they are too complex, expensive, and incapable of selectively protecting the data that matters in these large and diverse environments. This is where Dataguise, along with its DG for Hadoop platform, provides an efficient, economical and effective method of determining where and how to secure sensitive data in Hadoop.

DG for Hadoop, part of the DgSecure suite of products, identifies the unique characteristics of Big Data, processing multiple terabytes of structured, unstructured and semi-structured data in only a few hours to protect sensitive data at the source, during ingestion and in the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS). Key features available in the latest generation software includes the likes of Contextual-based data discovery capability which uses a neural-like network approach for highly accurate sensitive data search instead of a simple rule-based approach. The Complementing Dataguise masking technology for configurations where data mining needs to operate on actual data values. DG for Hadoop uses symmetric key based encryption of data and also encrypts the encryption keys themselves for stronger security.