Taking Work Culture a Grid Higher

Date:   Monday , June 13, 2016

If you are working on enhancing your business strategy just for the clients, then wait for a moment and watch others before you sketch your plans. Did you notice once the best companies with the best of brains losing their charm in the past few years? Did you see experienced people and freshers shifting their base from your organization to another? Do you follow your old school rule and micromanage your employees? If so, then it is time for you to double check your moves.

Organizations following traditional methods are all ceasing their chances of better serving their customers, even if their products stand high among others. Hence putting emphasis on not just customers but employees is paramount today. It has been noted that when good employees leave, they many-a-times take your clients along with them, because they are the one who have been delivering the promises on your organization\'s behalf. Imagine the cost you pay!

Whether it is through a well-furnished office, or free/subsidized food, or a pickup and drop facility, work from home, maternity/paternity leave, flexible working hours and more specifically, knowledge enhancer, it is imperative to look into every nook and corner of your organization\'s work culture to enhance what is called \'Job Satisfaction\' for the employees. While many organizations have extended their leaves, some opt for MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferencing & Exhibitions/Events), which infuse new life into their employees. CEOs engaging with employees is the new norm. This mostly facilitates a close relationship between management and staffs which results in better understanding of the organization\'s vision and mission.

Hence it is worth blocking a part of your budget to augment the work experience of your employees, thus the professional fabric. After all, employees have an eminent role in your sustainability.