The Web: New Found Opportunity

Date:   Thursday , June 01, 2006

This month we are featuring Zain Jeewanjee, founder of, who made marketing travel health insurance on Internet a fashion. Today g1g fills a void created by traditional agents. Understanding customer pain points and acting accordingly is what Jeewanjee is known for and so is his company. His passion for Internet marketing is evident when people speak to him. His business acumen is very infectious.

Like Jeewanjee, many other entrepreneurs are leveraging the Internet and are redefining the way companies do business and how people live. The Web has become a robust platform with countless innovations driving its ongoing development. The second arrival of the Internet is being dominated by innovative Web technologies. The new wave of dotcom companies has attracted VC attention. However, unlike the first time when VCs burned the fingers, this time there is extreme caution and firm belief that the dot-com’s they are funding have sound business models. This months’ feature takes a peek into the new and evolving trend.

Deepak Singh of Adeptia is our Entrepreneur of the month. There are many lessons that technology entrepreneurs can learn from how Singh has built Adeptia. While Singh opted to enter the crowded business process management and integration market, he is confident that offering vertically focused solutions will keep him ahead of the race. This reminds us of Geoffrey Moore’s ‘bowling pin strategy,’ where the head pin is the initial target customer and the other pins are the eventual market expansion. You conquer one vertical and bridge over to others.

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Pradeep Shankar