Mobilox: The Mobility Super Specialist

Date:   Monday , December 09, 2013

Mobile phones are a boon for marketers. The device\'s deep penetration across India and the increased use of smartphones has made it easier for brands to reach their target audience. However it\'s not always a cakewalk to identify, conceptualize and execute a successful mobile strategy that will work across various the diverse rural and urban regions of India. Adding to the confusion is the complexity of regional languages. Marketers often have a tough time identifying which engagement models (SMS, Apps, Voice, Games, WAP Advertising etc) would work better.

Identifying this problem faced by marketers in India and a huge business opportunity Abhijit Saxena decided to build a company that will work to conceptualize, execute, market and monetize innovative Mobile Solutions for Marketers in India. Rohit Kaul and Vishwajeet Sukhija also believed in Abhijit’s vision and joined him to form Mobilox, currently a leading mobility solution company. Today Mobilox, is in the realm of mobile marketing solutions. \"We do everything that is part of the mobile eco-system. Our aim is to get marketer to adopt mobility solution as core to their marketing initiatives, build innovative and high engagement models with their customers,\" Saxena explains.

Building an Able Team and Winning Laurels

Mobilox has been creating revolutionary solutions for several clients. The company created the revolutionary transition from paid SMS voting to free missed call voting for Zee Dance India Dance and gathered a record 7, 50, 00, 000 missed call votes! Mobilox was awarded \'Bronze\' for innovation by MMA at \'The Smarties\' for the same. Zee TV also partnered with Mobilox and became the first Indian based channel to reach 10,00,000 + downloads for the Zee TV mobile app. Mobilox was awarded \'Gold\' for Best mobile app by MMA at \'The Smarties\' for this feat. The company also created India\'s first ever CRBT based missed call voting campaign for the History Channel – The Greatest Indian and crossed 1,11,00,000 votes. Mobilox also won a \'Gold\' for best regional language campaign by IDMA 2013 for having conceptualized and implemented the first ever C2C sampling and referral program for Parachute Advansed Ayurvedic entirely on mobile!

Adding to that long list of awards are titles such as \'Best Digital Start up of the year\' and \'Best mobile company of the year\' at The Indian Digital Media Awards (IDMA) 2013 along with 10 other awards in the same year from various institutions including MMA (Mobile Marketing Association).

The company\'s popularity with its customers comes as a result of its talented core team with Minoti Nelson (CSO), Vikrant Pawar (Director Technology), Archana Chitlangia (Head Finance) and Rajesh Chaudhary (Head Enterprise) which has been responsible for onboarding 50+ accounts in quick time. The dynamic team, gets with them huge experience which helps them not only mentor and drive their respective teams in solving business problems in a very practical way. The core team understands that their buyers are not techies and do not understand jargons. \"We emphasis on solutions and workflows to solve the business problem,\" concludes Saxena.

Future Watch

Mobilox has opened a new business vertical on customized solution development for enterprises where they are targeting the non-marketing community. The company has also come up with their product division and has created two off the shelf products. Usher – A visitor impression management solution caters to the needs of Admin heads and PocketHR– A HRM solution caters to the needs of HR Heads.
In future Saxena envisions creating a new business line of designing People to Machine and Machine to people solutions. Given his dedication and expertise, Mobilox\'s path to bigger successes will not be too long.