HR Footprints Management Services: Abridging Fineness through Worthwhile Services

Date:   Friday , June 05, 2015

It was not an easy task for a 20 year old pharma company which was struggling to grow; to brand itself; to become employee friendly. The primary challenge that the company faced at this time was lack of performance oriented culture. At this moment, an HR services organization known as HR Footprints Management Services (HRFPMS) came to its rescue. HRFPMS restructured the organization to meet business need and aligned employees towards organization\'s vision and involved them in the change process. Performance Management System and reward mechanisms were designed & implemented. Several HR policies were implemented which made person dependent processes to system driven. Strong employee engagement platforms were built in with which attrition was reduced and productivity was increased. Employer brand was built by representing organization at various forums.

Incepted in 2006, HR Footprints not only emerged successful in resolving the issues of the pharma enterprise but also solved the HR problems of various other organizations in diverse domains of explosives, property consulting, confectionery, dairy products, IT services and many more. Headquartered in Hyderabad, the venture provides its services to various organizations with the support of its verticals such as Complete HR Outsourcing, HR Process Outsourcing, HR Design Outsourcing which comprises of a special design wing called \"HR Studio\", Talent Acquisition which is done with the help of a portal called \"\", Learning and Development Outsourcing and Staffing Outsourcing, which is carried out with the help of a product called \"StaffOn\".

The company is an HR connoisseur as it instantly understands the requirements and challenges of the businesses of its clients and assists in implementing the best elucidations in a cost-effective approach. \"Our motto is to take professional HR to a wider section of organizations, including the SME segment, in building and strengthening business-enabling HR systems,\" asserts Dr. G. Rajkumar, Founder & CEO, HR Footprints.

The organization during its initial days boldly faced and also thrived in the challenge of setting the desired potential with business tycoons or supporter of organizations. The company had shifted its focus from an operational outsourcing of an HR to an outsourced strategic partner of many big companies and SMEs. Customizing the outsourcing services to meet the needs of each of its clients makes the venture trustworthy amongst its clientele circle.. SEVA (Simplicity, Excellence, Value Addition and Association) is incorporated in all the services provided by the company which appends in deploying value-added services.

A Complete Package of Marvelous HR Solutions

The secret of joy in work is contained in one word excellence. To bring about excellence in their work, HR Footprints provides a complete array of HR services which is inclusive of HR outsourcing, organization transformation, surveys and assessments, HR process audit,HR automation and so on.The acknowledgment for delivering the best possible HR services is given to the team members of HR Footprints. All the employees of the company are fervent about new innovations and continuously strive towards it. The individuals are multitalented and value work hours. At all times, they are ready to own responsibilities for the work they do.

Living for the Future

With a financial growth of 20 percent year-on-year, the company has succeeded in leaving behind lasting impression amongst its clients. The venture envisions expanding its services and adding value to a larger clientele circle, both nationally with products like StaffOn and L&D outsourcing and globally with its products such as HR Studio and, in the days to come.