RSalesArm IT Services: Delivering Excellent Enterprise Business Solutions

Date:   Sunday , November 23, 2014

What is transpiring in the Enterprise IT world is momentous, resulting in the planet rewiring itself. The new generation which has grown up texting, twittering, messaging and using social networking sites like Facebook and Google+ have a different expectations from Enterprise IT. As these generation engages as a customer or an employee or citizens or partners they believe, it is imperative that these tools to be embedded in the Enterprise IT architecture, to ensure profitable, responsive and sustainable business.

Visualizing the Consumerization of Enterprise IT as a great opportunity, H. Ganapathi and L.N. Sundarrajan (two childhood buddies - the NaVi team) set on an entrepreneurial journey and built RSalesArm, a provider of enterprise business products and solutions. \"While technology is our forte/IP, unless you deliver business value to clients, it\'s not going to work out. Thus, we converted this into a business driven IT firm,\" says H. Ganapathi, Founder & CEO, RSalesArm.

Incepted in 2010, RSalesArm has flagship products (Tune\'em - Brand Name) in communication and collaboration area which has been implemented in large enterprises and has won awards. Also, The Company provides end-to-end business solution framework (mobile data capture to insights). The young company has already built a strong base in the industry and has several illustrious clients such as Audi (Volkswagen), Mead Johnson, Future Generali, Hansa Cequity, TATA AIA, Innoworth, and Vodafone to name a few.

Area of Focus

Since Inception, RSalesArm kept its focus on enterprise with the imperative need of being business driven. The company built its Business-technology IP and delivered it with a clear cut future plan. \"This helped us deliver business value to enterprises,\" explains L.N. Sundarrajan, Director - Technology & Strategy. The company thus moved to catering to a larger base of customers across industries with focus on communication, collaboration and engagement in areas like business development, service and training.

With its main focus on enterprise mobility, the company provides solutions for people to have access to real time data. As majority of the Enterprise workforce does not have access to smart phones, they built solutions that can work on any mobile phone. \"We have international customers who run their entire CRM on text based SMS,\" adds Sundarrajan. We have built products using cotemporary collaborative technologies. \"We looked at it as a business enabler which delivers value thru engagement and collaboration in an effective manner,\" says Ganapathi, It is factors such as these that give RSalesArm an edge over their competitors. On their Tune\'em product platform, they have built interesting applications for training which is being used by Marquee customers. The user base has grown from 1500 in 2012 to 40,000 till date, the company believe that the user base will grow into millions in the next couple of years.

Overcoming Entrepreneurial Challenges

The forward looking company is focused on making it big and thus geared to take up any challenges that may come in their way. \"The biggest challenge for an Indian startup is, Indian enterprises are risk averse of adopting new technologies spun out of India. It is also essential to have people who have a fresh mindset and are given the freedom to execute their ideas,\" explains Ganapathi about the hurdles a young organization counters. The company works hard to overcome these roadblocks. \"We give immense importance to creating an environment which empowers our employees,\" he adds. An organization also essentially needs innovative ideas and a forward looking team. Since inception, RSalesArm has an excellent team that has helped them acquire marquee customers and get repeat orders from them.

Employee Speak

Abhishek Shrivastava (an Engineer, MBA) quit HDFC bank and joined RSalesArm as the founding team member says, \"While people still talk about internet of things, we sold the idea to the board of one of our marquee customers, we will be rolling out the solution in December 2014 - you have an idea, speak out, everybody helps and investments made, that is what I enjoyed the most in this organization\".

Venu, an Engineer and part of the founding team recollects, \"You are fresh out of an engineering college, do 25 PoCs in large organization in 30 days and an SMS comes from Mr. Sundarrajan - Take a deep breath, relax and remember this day, thanks to your hard work - the CTO confirmed, we got the order. First step to a long successful journey, stronger and smarter together\".

The Journey

Currently, the company focuses on their Mumbai operations, but is geared up to expand across South East Asia, North America, Europe and the African continents. \"We have had an amazing journey since 2012 and its gratifying to see the hard work and conviction in your approach bear fruits,\" adds Ganapathi. Keeping up the spirit of an entrepreneur, Sundarrajan adds \"The experience of building RSalesArm has been a big change from the usual corporate life. People should try to get out of the corporate Golden handcuffs and try something out of the box in life like some of my friends who quit CXO jobs in multinationals have set up Hair Cutting Salons and are doing extremely well! They keep saying - we got motivated by you folks!\"


Offices Chennai, Mumbai

Key Management

H Ganapathi, CEO & Director

27 years of experience in areas of sales, marketing, product management & training. An alumni of IIT Bombay (BTech), MBA (marketing)

L N Sundarrajan, Director of Technology & Strategy

Sundarrajan has over three decades of experience in the IT industry and has worked at CxO levels with reputed organizations such as Aditya Birla Group, Holcim, Unilever etc.

Awards & Recognition

Their products and solutions have won three awards


Tune\'em Enables communication and collaboration across enterprises through private messenger, social network & video streaming. The ready to use training and assessment application is a big hit.


ROYCE LMS/CRM: This enables enterprises to have real-time monitoring of sales activity and visibility of leads

D-commerce (Digital commerce): provides Digital commerce solutions