Hospitech IT Solutions: The Lone Ranger of Hospitality IT

Date:   Thursday , December 03, 2015

In the present day, blessings of Information Technology have not left hospitality industry untouched. Amending technology and increasingdemand of smart systems have been the catalysts in improving the blueprints of hotel, leisure and hospitality domains. With the prelude of ERP, CRM and BI in a SaaS-based deployment catering to the desiderata of various departments such as housekeeping, reservation, multiple-PoS, account management, guest management, inventory management, restaurant management, and Wi-Fi - this industry is booming tying knots with IT. But Hospitality industry that sums up closed to $550 billion is going through a transformation to partner IT. The increasing demands of smart solutions have called for solution providers that can avail them build their IT infrastructure irrespective of small, medium and premium hotels. Yet, there are no one specialized for hospitality industry and the gap is wide open.

After a strenuous year of research and paperwork, Rajesh Pillai and Ravish Jhala founded Hospitech IT Solutions in 2015 with a mission to bridge the gap between IT and Hospitality, partnering with IT leaders such as HP, Ruckus Wireless, and Reivernet, offering specialized and consummate hospitality IT solutions.

Making Leisure Industry Smarter

Amidst challenges of monopoly and inadaptability inan industry,which has been in a bad shape, witnessed Hospitech\'s diverse functionality products such as Treya- Wi-Fi, HotSpot, Consultancy, Business Intelligence, POS, and Security to enhance the guests\' experience. On one hand, Hospitech\'s SLA driven, Treya Wi-Fi provides high speed internet to premium hotels with bandwidth management for guests. While on the other hand, Treya HotSpots offer feature rich high-speed internet access with monetization models for hotels, restaurants, malls and other high density venues.

Hospitech also provides another state-of-the-art solution with 360° visitor authentication and management, Treya VAMS. Through Treya Consultancy, Hospitech provides impartial IT investment advice to hotels driving cutting-edge technology with RoI assurance. Treya Business Intelligence (BI) helps hotel operations &provides deep insights with analysis & intelligent forecasting, reducing wastage and increasing profitability. Treya POS offers world-class point of sale technologies in hotels, leisure businesses and multi-POS facilities.

Offering premium hospitality solutions under Treya banner, the organization has already worked with over 100 clients. Some of the premium brand names in Hotspot segment are: JSM Restaurants (28 outlets), Sanjiv Kapoor\'s restaurants, The Cricket Club of India, and Chili\'s Restaurants amongst several others.

\"We provide unique cloud-based solutions to our clients.Any restaurant utilizing our hotspot solutions can monetize the particular venue and generate supplemental revenue. Anotherinteresting fact is, thatthe cost of operation is very low, making it affordable tosmall, mid and premium range hotels, clubs, and resorts. We arealso urging our customers to consider cloud-based solutions, so that they can benefit from demographic marketing and expand their customer base. Most importantly, we have an inbuilt BI platform, which captures hotspot usage data and can help one to effectively market to those users\" expounds Ravish.

Taking Magnification to the Next Level

In a vision to be up and running in a full-fledged mode, Hospitech wants its Hotspot solution to run across India and become the most colossal premium hotspot solution provider with at least 20000 hotspots by 2020. Expounding on the goals set for the company, Ravish proclaims, \"Our goal is to partner premium hotel brands in India to take our growth to the next level. We would also love to create world-class services and support environment like hotels run by General Managers and guests are taken care of in homogeneous fashion. We would relish creating our services& support environment in our company where all of our customers are well taken care of in a personalized manner\".

The smart generation, hospitality sector needs to offer smart services making internet as utility. In the process to be the nimble player in the market, Hospitech has set the stone rolling amidst fund-raising plans in the near future and retaining the expert team for a long time. As its uniqueness in providing specialist solutions to the industry is all set to benefit the wide ranges of incipient and subsisting players, the time will look forward to expedite the industry as well Hospitech\'s growth.


Founders and Key management

Rajesh Pillai, Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer

A passionate sales and marketing leader, known for his relationship management and delivery of multifold growth in the IT/ITES sector, with a vision to make Hospitech the largest \"Free\" hotspot service provider in India by 2020. Having been exposed to channel sales and the business of techology early in life, helped him to be a powerful foot warrior and known to lead from the front. He has an innate ability to form profitable ecosystems and collaborate with partners and competition.

Ravish Jhala, Chief Operating Officer

Ravish has a track record of creating innovative technology solutions that support business growth by increasing revenues and reducing costs. During the past two decades, a period that has seen unprecedented growth in the application of information technology, he has worked with Hyatt Hotels and Resorts, Mars Hotels and Restaurants, Oberoi Hotels and Resorts, Leela Palaces, Hotels and Resorts and NCR Corporation. He is InfoTech Committee Member of the Hotel Restaurants Association, West India and a founder of the Hospitality, Healthcare, Aviation, Travel and Tourism (HATT) forum

Headquarter: Mumbai

Offerings: Hospitality IT Solutions