Caliber Interconnect: Winning Customers Confidence with Sheer Commitment

Date:   Tuesday , December 15, 2015

With Semiconductor technology reaching its heights and people wanting more and more technology solutions for everyday life, the Global Product Engineering Companies are finding it difficult to identify right partners who can collaborate with them to arrive at solutions for complex technological problems to come out with innovative solutions.

The success story of Caliber Interconnect Solutions, a niche integrated product engineering services provider, commenced in 2010 when the management team with different background and decades of expertise joined hands to bridge this huge gap with its sharp technology edge and highly-skilled workforce. Caliber crafted a business model that brought all supporting teams including hardware design, board design, Firmware and Software Design, simulation, and product integration & development under one roof to seamlessly produce quality solutions cost effectively. This empowered the Coimbatore-based bootstrapped company to ascend into a $3 million dollar company that is spread across India, U.S. and Japan within a short span of five years, not to mention the addition of over 100 customers most of whom are major semiconductor players. The unique amalgamation of management team\'s expertise also facilitates Caliber to discuss issues from various perspectives, confront and compromise to arrive at an acceptable solution.

Delighting Customers
\"Our clear understanding of customer\'s pain points in terms of technology, cost & quality enables us to solve complex technological problems of both semiconductor and embedded companies,\" says Antoniraj Mariadass, Director - Embedded Software, Caliber Interconnect Solutions. The company constantly wins customer confidence with its commitment towards customer support during ebbs and flows. \"We follow the industry trends very closely and align ourselves with latest technologies. We never hesitated to collaborate with domain skilled partners to achieve the objective or reinvest our revenue in people skill development and building infrastructure for R&D activities,\" remarks Suresh Babu, CEO, Caliber Interconnect Solutions.

Besides its proven quality control procedures and practices, Caliber\'s in-house built IPs facilitates it to provide faster turnaround time and highest quality level. Vesting utmost importance in delighting customers, the company keeps collecting customer inputs at every stage of the project to ensure whether the product is taking shape as intended for its end-use. Under turnkey solutions model, the company brings customers\' concept to realization completely, even if there are frequent changes, since all of its hardware, software, co-design & embedded teams and sundry of technologies are sitting in one place. Once Caliber\'s chip test characterization services has proved that the chip is functioning properly, the company coordinates with its manufacturer, design house and end customer to develop different types of packaging for that application.

Immense Growth Opportunities
Caliber finds it hard to bring aboard engineers with zeal for technology and creation as most of today\'s social media addicted young generation doesn\'t invest enough time for mastering and build passion towards technologies. Hence, the company keenly fuels the passion of its carefully handpicked engineers by organizing several internal knowledge management sessions, specific trainings from external experts and customer interaction activities. The company also encourages all of its engineers to actively participate and contribute towards the industry events and conferences. The management team is passionate to work in niche technological areas and cultivates the same culture with everyone in the organization. Caliberists work hand-in-hand with management team and have the freedom to develop their skills. Being strong believers of team work, the highly customer-focused Caliberists are empowered to take the required decisions regarding their work, endowed with unlimited opportunities to climb the technical & management ladders. They are also constantly reminded to contribute to society & humanity. While solving fascinating challenges is fun for Caliberists, the company further stimulates them with indoor games, yoga and meditation. Caliber also endeavours to engage with students\' community and introduce them to the world of technology.

Warming up to Opportunities
Agriculture, Healthcare and Energy verticals are crying out for creative ideas, investments from players with clear market knowledge and passionate engineers to work under quality leadership to develop innovative and cost-competitive solutions specifically for them. Realizing this, Caliber with its strength in Embedded and Semiconductors domain has entered the arena with its solutions that will revolutionize the way technology services are delivered. \"We have plans to extend our product engineering services to various market segments namely agriculture, medical and energy and serve more customers. Our prime interest, however, is to build technological solutions to enhance people\'s life and the way business is done,\" concludes Suresh. Caliber aims to become a solutions-oriented company that builds cost effective and innovative solutions, concepts and technologies to serve customers worldwide. The company will soon move to its newly built corporate office in Coimbatore. It also plans to raise its headcount and expand its Bangalore and U.S. office.

Key Management:

Suresh Babu, CEO

Suresh, the CEO of Caliber interconnect Solutions is passionate about technology and Entrepreurship. In his 15 yrs of entrepreneurship with his passion towards technology and concern towards the society, Suresh likes to create, nurture and grow new talent, technology, and sustainable business solutions for the benefit of all the customers and stakeholders. Suresh has a post graduate degree in business management with 25 years of industry experience.

Antoniraj Mariadass, Director – Embedded software
Leveraging 20 years of experience in both embedded & telecom software fields, Antoni has built, led and managed partnership programs with chipset vendors to develop & launch mobile multimedia products in the global market. Antoniraj is also an enthusiast of Embedded Linux and open source software development.

Embedded product engineering services (turnkey solutions, hardware design services and embedded software services), Semiconductor chip characterization, and board bring up services and IC packaging among others.

Offices: Coimbatore (Headquarter), Chennai, Bangalore, India; U.S. and Japan

Clients: Almost all major semiconductor players including Intel, Freescale, Kyocera, TI, Qualcomm, Teradyne, Advantest and many medical and energy equipment manufacturers, defence suppliers and Agro industries.