Solido raises $6.5 Mn

Date:   Monday , October 01, 2007

Co-founded by Amit Gupta and Trent McConaghy in 2006, Solido Design Automation is a Canada based startup company involved in electronic design automation. Solido recently launched its new software SolidoSTAT, which answers the problem of preventable parametric yield loss in integrated circuit design.

As semiconductor process technologies and supply voltages shrink, microscopic local and global statistical variations adversely impact chip designs. SolidoSTAT provides an efficient way for chip designers to gain insight into the effects of process variations on their design, and also to make the design more robust to these effects without over-designing.To help accelerate the development and deployment of the company’s new software, it lately went about its second round of raising funds. Canadian venture capital corporation Golden Opportunities Fund led a syndicate of investors including BDC Venture Capital, Victoria Park Capital, and private investors to raise $6.5 million. This brings the company’s total funding to $9 million. As part of the funding round, Ulrich Felbermayr, a senior investment manager with Golden Opportunities Fund, has been appointed to Solido’s board of directors.

“Solido technology fills a long-term gap in automated design tools for analog and custom IC designers, and ensures that nanometer designs work despite wide variations within a given manufacturing process,” said Amit Gupta, Co-founder and CEO, Solido Design Automation. “Our solution complements traditional Monte Carlo analysis, which is the only analysis that’s been available to analog and custom IC designers for years,” he added.