CtrlS: An Ocean of Opportunities to Sail through Career Growth

Date:   Friday , June 26, 2015

Accounted as the best Tier 4 data center in the industry, CtrlS maintains consistency of providing 99.95 percent uptime and assures total ownership to the clients since its inception in 2007. Founded by Sridhar Pinnapureddy in Hyderabad with a mission to enhance protection and efficiencies of the most valuable IT assets of the knowledge economy, the company follows security best practices for every segment of customers and is the only data center that has in-house security services team comprising of certified security analyst and consultant working round the clock to assure pro-active security intelligence.

Unfollowing the Unnecessary

Unfollowing the age old hierarchical method, CtrlS has emerged as a flat organization and operates on \'Perform-Excel-Growth\' philosophy. The performance zeal is facilitated with required support to excel and scale up the career ladder with no limitations. This is why; the first employees of CtrlS, who came from the parent company and were part of the conceptualization of the company, along with other 440 personnel are still a part of CtrlS\' growth as stakeholders and not employees.

\"Human resource is a vital ingredient in our growth. They are not just employees but stakeholders with equivalent share in decision making, growth and future. Management endures persistently to ensure that best and conducive work culture and environment is provided to enhance employee satisfaction and make working pleasurable,\" says Sridhar Pinnapureddy, Founder & CEO, CtrlS.

Breaking the Mundane HR Boundaries

With idiosyncratic HR policies that evolved with the prime focus on employee satisfaction, CtrlS revisits them regularly to fine tune with changing needs and comfort of employees to enhance the work satisfaction and create an environment conducive to utmost productivity. The ample work space furnished with ergonomic furniture and fixtures acts as one of the best work stations of the industry. And yes, the small naps of the employees, if required, are too taken care of with the bunkers arranged at designated places. Staff camaraderie is always given a hands up through wide wellness initiatives including volley ball club, adventurers club, cycling club, Zumba classes, cricket club, regular team outing and others. This also helps to gear up greater productivity and less absenteeism.

A free hand to explore right opportunities and innovate makes CtrlS the first choice for young and aspiring employees. This enables them to choose the best suited field and showcase their caliber. Apart from regular L&D assessments and training programs, employees have the freedom to identify and nominate themselves for programs which they find apt for their skill sets and work profile, which is not just encouraged by the company but also sponsored.

Shaping careers, we live to grow
We work hard, party hard.
We celebrate together and share special moments
Making friends for life time!!!!!
says Prachitha Kuchkulla, Manager - HR, CtrlS.

Balancing the Act

Juggling between work and life, it has indeed become crucial for people to balance their personal and professional life. While several companies and jobs demand employees to stretch their working hours propelling even the women employees to stay late in the office, CtrlS absolutely discourages this. And even if the women employees have to extend their hours due to work, they are provided with cab facilities accompanied by security guard, while lady guard is deputed in their work area. The company has special women cells through which concerns, if any, can be freely voiced out, discussed and sorted. On the other hand, to bring in a better work-life balance, the offsite get-togethers are arranged to promote team spirit and off-work interaction. Families and peers are too involved in annual day and other such events to promote synergies.

With a healthy balance of experienced to fresher employees, i.e., 2:1; fresher recruits are put on bench for work training and cultural familiarization post which they are involved in operation with a mentor assigned for required guidance and adjustment to the new work environment. The aim behind this practice is to ensure that after getting hands on with ops, freshers have the leverage to opt a career in the domain of their excellence. This is an ongoing process to enable career growth not just for the newbie but also open ocean for opportunity for experienced one.