iBE.net: Facilitating Enterprises with Cost-effective Cloud Based End-to-End ERP Solutions

Date:   Friday , November 21, 2014

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software has been around for quite some time. To decode the humungous and yet growing data and make the whole system automated, hassle free and prolific, ERP solutions have become a core necessity for enterprises of all sizes. Huge organizations can afford ERP packages provided by vendors like SAP and Oracle; while accounting packages like Quickbooks are sufficient only for the smallest organizations. There is a significant void between these two extreme offerings. Today,small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) with growing business needs are keen to deploy ERP products that are intricate and yet cost-effective.

Established in 2011 in Noida by Richard Minney, Simon Hopkins and Amit Gupta, iBE.net (Integrated Business Environment Inc.)has an objective tobuild a world-class business management system that is sophisticated enough for the largest corporations and also affordable by the smallest. \"We provide a complete environment with integrated solutions for smaller consulting firms so that they can simplify their landscape with fewer end-to-end solutions,\" says Richard Minney, Founder & CEO iBE.net.

The company spent 18 months developing products which offer complete and relevant solutions initially targeted at professional services firms. iBE.net also spent two years building its customer base and further improving on the products with customer feedback. It still keeps upgrading the products by adding new functionalities that can provide much round up solution.


iBE.netoffers an end-to-end ERP solution developed by its in-house development team. Its financerelated offerings such as Project Accounting, Billing and Expense Management are very efficient. With an integrated solution from delivery through pricing and billing, invoices can be produced directly from source datathat ensures fast and error free processing which results in quicker payments.It also allows handlingof complex contracts with powerful pricing mechanisms,with the help ofself-defined formulae.

The company\'s customizable Expense Management solution facilitates easy expenses submission by linking users to a bank or credit card and also matching imported bank transactions to images of receipts taken froma mobile phone. In addition, iBE.net provides a wide range of other ERP or Professional Services Automation (PSA)products such asProject & Task Management, Time Management, CRM, Help Desk & Ticketing, HR Solutions, Reporting & Analytics, andCollaboration&Integration. Its fully integrated system makes a client\'s entire business intelligently interconnected and easily accessible via web or mobile apps.
Itsapplications are accessible from the web (hosted on Amazon\'s Cloud) with iPhone and Android phone apps offering more limited functionalities for consultants on the road. The company not only provides a solution that is specifically tailored for the requirements of IT consultants, Managed Service Providers, Business & Management consultants, Marketing consultants and Engineering consultants but it also extends to any service-based organization that wants to integrate and collaborate on their projects, time, expenses and analytics.

iBE.net\'s ERP solutions are much simpler, almost 10 times cheaper and more proficient than its competitors. The company\'s highly customizable end-to-end solutions facilitate SMEsin a very cost-effective and productive manner. Its solution eliminates the struggle of managing multiple systems and can easily be integrated with existing systems such as QuickBooks, Salesforce or SAP. All these features along with premier customer support make iBE.net stand out from the competition.

Expedition Ahead

iBE.net is moving forward to its preferred destinationfirmly andsteadily. The company has created a healthy portfolio of over 40 clients to its credit and keepsadding 3 more clients every month that puts it on a solid growth trajectory.

With a significant presence in India, iBE.net is planning to expand further in the Indian market in the near future. Its product\'s illustrious features have earned company a prestigious client list from the U.S., Canada, England, South Africa and Australia. Vikalp Solutions, ROC Consulting, 92Y and Concentrus are few notable clients of the company.

With a very ambitious goal,iBE.net is preparing to widen its operations to cover other professional services sectors like accountants, lawyers, architects and other industry segments such as distribution, construction, project based manufacturing, and retail and wholesale sectors. The company is set to establish itself as a next generation ERP solution provider with persistent growth by leveraging its own expertise and the enormousopportunities inthe global market.



Head Quarters - New York, NY
Noida, Gurgaon

Key Management

Richard Minney, Co-Founder& CEO

Richard has over 25 years of international IT experience with a proven track record in ERP add-on software architecture, product management and sales. Prior to iBE.net, he co-founded Feanix.

Awards & Recognition

1. Small Business Digest \"Cloud Products Guide for Small Businesses\" Aug 2013
2.Product of the Week - Network World, May 2012


A premier provider of end-to-end web and mobile software designed for Professional Service organizations

ERP solutions for:

1. Project & Task Management
2. Time Management
3. Expense Management
4. Pricing & Billing
5. CRM
6. Help Desk & Ticketing
7. HR& Time-off
8. Reporting & Analytics
9. Collaboration& Workflow
10. Connected to existing Accounting Systems