Tudip Technologies: Creating World-class Mobile Applications that Justifies its Purpose of Existence

Date:   Monday , July 20, 2015

The mobile app market is expected to grow only larger with time. A report claims that around one billion smartphones will be sold in the year 2015 and that an average mobile app user spends more than 30 hours a month on more than two dozen apps. By 2017, it is anticipated that larger than 268 billion downloads will engender $77 billion worth of profits. In this augmenting market, Tudip Technologies believes in understanding the fundamental needs of the clients and the basis of which apps are crafted. The venture has been mounting applications for almost over five years.

Debuted in 2010 in Pune, Tudip is a value motivated software services, product and mobile application development company that entrails the ability to handhold its clients to help them realize their product vision. The venture is one of its kinds in the industry whose strong suit is to proffer an extensive range of offerings from web applications, cloud, testing automation apart from mobile app developments with the assistance of their prolific project management software. It has worked with a large set of clients that deal with .Net, Java, PHP, Ruby, NodeJS, Python and mobile apps. The proof of its acumen is in the over 100 MVPs and plethora of testimonials by the clients from various spheres who vouch for the services provided by the company.

Catering to various verticals such as marketing, matchmaking, crowd sourcing, emergency and others, Tudip has developed a wide range of app for the Apple store. While the TrintMe app helps people in ascertaining their true soul mates, the K1P2 app assists one to expertise in knitting through helping them to make notes and keep a track of his/her progress in mastering the skill.

Tudip has also created an emergency app for the U.S. market called MobileTec a GPS based tracking app. Used by the fire brigade and other emergency service providers, an alarm goes to them during the time of emergency along with the location of the emergence making it easy for them to track the path. Even the person raising the alarm can see where the service provider is at a given point in time. Through this Android and tablet based app, Tudip is addressing one of the untouched issues of the society. Apart from these, the company extensively worked on mobile applications like MobileTec, OrderWriter and Appointica, who have made big impact in U.S. and European markets.

Swimming against the Tide

Tudip faced a number of roadblocks during its preliminary days. As major chunk of work was in product MVPs, the biggest hurdle was to find smart people who can grasp and adapt to the new technologies really fast. Getting the certification and credentials of the venture was another big stumbling block for it. Growing amidst these obstacles, Tudip has grown to about a hundred zealous individuals, some of them own the company through ESOPs, who feel passionately about the clients\' products and strive to make it better.

Pushing Today for a Better Tomorrow

\"Rathar than just being an outsourcing partner, we want to be product development partners for our clients, who persistently thinks about how to make the product functionally and technically better. Not many players can claim this in the mobile application development space and that remains our key strength,\" asserts Dipti Agarwal, Co-Founder & CEO, Tudip Technologies.

Believing that success does not take in an overnight\'s time, Tudip relentlessly strives for an enhanced and brighter future. Through the hard work put in by all its employees, the venture foresees to expand its footprints globally and also boost its client retention with accurate ethics.