Kapil Mehta: Showing True Spirit of Entrepreneurship with Passion & Perseverance

Date:   Thursday , February 02, 2017

Life was on a roll for 33-year old Kapil Mehta - a great family, and a well settled job at Fortune 100 Company with frequent onsite projects. Being a Marwari, entrepreneurship was imbedded in his DNA and it was just inevitable that Kapil heeded the entrepreneurial bug that has been biting him. Thus, staking all his comfort and job security at risk, he donned the entrepreneur hat and came up with an idea to develop a unique e-Commerce platform. But the disengagement of resources to build the platform curbed his business in a pre-birth stage. \"When I asked the services company to meet their team to make them understand my views, none of them agreed to understand my perspective. I wanted to know if the resources will be delegated to me and if I could work with them since it is my product, but was dealt negatively,\" recollects Kapil.

A true entrepreneur is the one who jumps off the cliff and builds a plane on the way down and Kapil\'s entrepreneurial journey is a fervent example. After some ground work and research, Kapil ascertained that this was not only his problem, but the whole start-up ecosystem was experiencing unreliability of resources. To help the startup community by providing developers on flexible renting models, Kapil pivoted his plan and ventured Developer-On-Rent. Today, the company has more than 100 developers on board and has successfully deployed more than 30 products to over 50 customers in seven countries.

Kapil\'s entrepreneurial success is inextricably linked to his innate ability to withstand a plethora of hardships, myriad challenges, tremendous pressure, strenuous exertions and sleepless nights with constant risks. However, the failures could not shrink him down as he firmly believed the saying \'it\'s not possible\' does not define him, rather it only shows the commentator\'s limitations. Kapil dedicates his success to the support given by his family & friends and of course his employees. \"It was hard to keep up with the enthusiasm and our careers were at stake,\" Kapil recalls.

Be Ethical, Work Hard & Deliver

Being a self-made entrepreneur, Kapil is driven by values more than valuation, and imparts his passion to do something great and build a better community by having a solid ethical foundation. His enviable knack of managing the teams and their skill sets keeps the team and the clients intact. Kapil builds exceptional competency through automated processes and transparent administration, which is evident from the company\'s unchanged founding team still continuing their support. \"It is the relationship which I have built with my employees and stakeholders that holds the highest value. I am constantly learning. I don\'t care if I fail tomorrow as I will have lot of knowledge and that will inspire me to reach for more,\" asserts Kapil. Rather than stuffing his ideas on others, Kapil believes in giving full freedom to his team and leads them in the way they want to be led.

1000 Days Formula

Having experienced many hardships in his entrepreneurial journey, Kapil advices budding entrepreneurs to learn-unlearn-relearn constantly and build a resilient character to succeed in their ventures. \"You give 1000 days to business with complete focus & passion. After 1000 days, the business will follow you,\" adds Kapil recollecting a Marwadi saying. Having built this company over last three years, he has developed strong relationships with employees and stakeholders. Kapil aspires to create more opportunities for people. \"I would be happy if I make a difference and create at least 2-3 more entrepreneurs,\" asserts Kapil. His company has been the vanguard to support early stage entrepreneurs and in some instances, they have even helped some companies where they just came in with ideas and worked closely with developers to become a full-fledged company. Kapil brings compassion to work and makes sure that anyone who is working with him grows as well.

For workaholic Kapil, the line between work and home is blurred. Today, most of his time goes in creating what he dreamt of. While his family understands this and supports him in all his endeavours, Kapil has ensured complete freedom to his kids to follow their own dreams as he did. Even after spending hard long hours at work, Kapil carves out good amount of time to spend with his family. \"Sometimes it is very difficult as suddenly something new pops up in the work arena and at the same time your family needs your attention,\" adds Kapil. Besides work, Kapil is a voracious reader and spends most of his weekend following good writers. Being a staunch vegetarian, Kapil loves salads, Marwari & Punjabi foods, and also plans to take a family vacation to Venice very soon.