Cyborg Cyber Forensics & Information Security: The Fresh Trust-Word in Cyber World

Date:   Thursday , May 26, 2016

The original network of Amity campus Lucknow confronted many targeted &general attacks last year. Immense pressure had built up in terms of database exposure at the time when Cyborg Cyber Forensics and Information Security Pvt. Ltd. (CCFIS) on-boarded to extinguish the provocation as its introductory mission. The company piloted the campus to safeguard the network infrastructure by deflecting those attacks towards its flagship product, ATP sensor. CCFIS\' knowledgeable security surgeons discerned that most of the malwares were designed to work on Windows XP and some of them were information stealing malwares. The very next month, there were multiple Windows XP zero-day attacks in many campuses through which the hackers strived to compromise many systems. But, like a warlord saving the day, the ATP sensor shielded them all by alerting CCFIS one month before the attack occurred.

This ISO 27001:2013 certified purely research-driven organization came into existence in February 2015. With a serrated sword in hand and mind filled with a brawny mission, the company serves as a combatant trouncing every such hacker-keek by providing world-class security services and forensic support.\"Our services might be rife in cyber security domain, however their applicability is innovated to the core to cater to varied segments,\" asserts Dr. JS Sodhi, Executive Director, CCFIS. The masterpiece products sculptured by the company managed to capture over 20 lakh cyber attacks in just four months within India, where the cyber security market is still at its nascence. With ATP sensor and many other cyber protection excellencies, the company bagged the trust of a prestigious customers base including NDA fragments, ISPAI, National Security Database, Delhi Police, Uttar Pradesh special Task Force, Thomson Digital and MOTOGO to name a few.

The Sparkling Showcase

\"The security breaches have become inevitable to the extent that there\'s a saying among security professionals that there are two types of companies in the world, those that know they have been hacked and those that don\'t yet know it,\" opines Sodhi. Understanding this synopsis, CCFIS offers various cyber awareness training programs for youth & corporates, which resonate with the idea of continuous evolvement through handheld training. The company\'s Centre of excellence is an extension to these training services, which ensures its clients\' cyber security through development of best practices & communication IT protocols. Along with other major forensic services, CCFIS also offers Chip of Forensic service, a specialized service in India through their in-house developed technology, facility & capability such as FTK, IEF, ultra kit, PC-3000, UFED, Falcon & Passware.

The Future

CCFIS has an open environment,where various ideas are discussed and conceptualized without any inhibitions or restraints. By involving everyone in the decision-making process, CCFIS ensures that its people are learning to take responsibility and effectively analyze their decisions for consequential results. With ample opportunity and time devoted to research, they get to harness their own skills in their area of interest.

The company carves its own wings to fly-high with a vision to deploy some brand-new artefacts. Ring Of Fire is one among many such future plans, wherein ATP Sensors would be deployed on ISP\'s at national level and securing critical infrastructure through development of ATP Sensors that will not only simulate a SCADA based appliance but will also simulate entire manufacturing plant or a power grid. Thanks to increased demand and scope, CCFIS is on the brink of expanding its business operations.

Key Management:

Dr. JS Sodhi, Executive Director, CCFIS
Sodhi has proven his expertise in cyber security through a prestigious 25 years of experience, which is enlightened by a doctorate in Information Security

Offices: Noida (Headquarter), Lucknow, Jaipur, Gwalior and Manesar

1) Cyber Security & Defense
a. Vulnerability Assessment
i. Web Application - Dynamic Pages, Login Pages, Input Forms
ii. Network - Internal, External
iii. Platform - Windows (Server & Client), *Nix (Server & Client)

b. Penetration Testing
i. Web Application Penetration Testing - Manual, Automated
ii. Network Penetration Testing - Firewall, Router, IDS/IPS, Servers, NAS, Management Switch, Access Points, Systems

c. Mobile Application Penetration Testing - Android App, iOS App

d. Secure Code Analysis - Automated Code Analysis, Line-by-line code review

2) Digital Forensic Services & Investigation
a. Email Investigation
b. Network Forensics
c. Data Recovery
d. Mobile Forensics

3) Products: Advance Threat Protection Sensor (ATP), Cloud Vulnerability Scanner, Social Media Intelligence & CyberGen DVD Pack

4) Training: CyberGen (Cyber Security Awareness Session) & Specialized Training (Cyber Security and Defense & Digital Forensics)

Verticals: Cyber Security & Defence, Digital Forensics Services & Investigation, Training & Awareness and Product & Research

- \'Top-50 Award of World - 2016\' by CSO50-IDG Enterprise ATP Sensor
- Won \'Finalist - Most Innovative Idea of the Year-2015 Award\' by Data Security Council of India (DSCI) at New Delhi in December, 2015
- \'Top-10 Most Promising Start-Ups for the Year-2015 Award\' by Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) at New Delhi in December, 2015
- \'Dataquest Business Technology Award\' by Cyber Media at Mumbai in August-2015
- \'CIOL C-Change Enterprise Awards 2015\' under the \'Tech Innovator\' category at Kochi in March, 2015
- Start-up HOT-100 Award