Attify: Annihilating Security Flaws in Mobile Applications and IoT Devices

Date:   Monday , July 20, 2015

\'Hacking\'- a fairly notorious word in the internet savvy world, has led to disclosure of millions of user data in the past few months. A recent security fissure in Cryptographic Keys in Ola app turned the user\'s Ola wallet balance zero. Using a duplicate transaction ID a hacker was able to book a cab using anyone\'s wallet. In another incident, Snapchat, a popular social networking app, disclosed millions of user data due to security blunder. Taking a step further, hackers of the bad world has even reached the IoT devices like Google TV, and Samsung Smart TVs as well. While approximately three million of apps have taken a hold of iOS, Android and Windows app stores together, only 5.9 percent of the total budget in an app developing is dedicated to app security, bringing in major vulnerabilities in the app security risking user information. In the major cyber security crisis, with unique and specialised app and IoT device security, a former employee and hacker (the good type), Aditya Gupta established Attify Inc. in 2013 in Bangalore to provide a total security package for mobile devices, applications, and IoT devices that are connected via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or NFC. Discovering major vulnerabilities in Facebook, Google and Twitter apps, Aditya, a member of multiple ethical hacking societies, wanted to point out the security issue.

Making Enterprises Secure through \'Appwatch\'

On device and app security, Aditya explains, \"For most of the companies, it\'s an \'after thought\'. They have tight deadlines to meet for building the application. So, often, security is missed and exploited by the hackers\". Developing a mobile security assessment tool Appwatch, an app scanner that works on SaaS model and provides a complete app analysis to find out vulnerabilities for the developers to fix them through an automated cloud-based technology, Aditya and his team have received comprehensive appreciation from the mobile security world. Though mobile security has been an issue for past couple ofyears, there are only a few developers and companies who have taken care of securing applications. Through Appwatch and pen-testing those apps companies, Attify is able to secure them and their user sensitive information.

Being in a difficult market, Attify had an uphill task as most of the companies were hardly aware about mobile application security. In a similar scenario where developers have a little understanding about security measures in an app, the author of \'Learning Pentesting for Android Devices\', which was launched by Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, Aditya delivers trainings as well to big enterprises and educates the developers and security engineers of the company.
Developing Future of Mobile Application Industry

While most of the companies are busy in developing web and data security solutions, mobile application security has a bright scope to grow. In the \'open goal\' in which only a few companies have considered a future, new players in the industry have a strong clutch. Attify is one of those few new players who has a great potential and a strong background to re-shape mobile security future.

Ina real startup environment where works extends 24x7, Aditya\'s team is working efficiently and endlessly updating themselves and investing a lot of time in IoT security research and in building Appwatch to be the benchmark of Mobile Application Security. Amid visions of reaching Rs.2 crores turnover milestone by the end of the year, this Bangalore based startup is taking steady footsteps while trying to fundraise to accelerate its growth and be the global leader in mobile security.