Key Ingredients to Make Your Company a Highly Preferred Workplace

Date:   Tuesday , June 14, 2016

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Technology companies have come a long way toward figuring out the \'secret sauce\' of creating organizations that are both high performance and high trust, thereby enabling sustainably awesome results. It should come as no surprise that the most successful businesses are the ones that work the hardest to please their employees. Technology companies are seeing record profits, and in many ways, are controlling the narrative of how business gets done globally. And for the most part, they are aware that the key to success is their people, and many are creating organizations and environments that align to that belief.

With executives who see \'culture\' and \'values\' as mushy, it is particularly critical for team members to speak with clear definitions, distinctions, and ties to business outcomes. We should keep in mind the things employee would need that will help us to keep them on board.

Stay Organized: As a business owner, one should know how important it is to stay organized. It is very difficult to run a successful company without having a system in place for every aspect of the business. This requires ongoing effort, and the key is to remain focused on the benefits it brings to the company\'s success. Try to spend a few minutes each day restoring order to the workspace.

Make it Comfortable: Money doesn\'t buy happiness, so it is extremely important that the working environment should me made comfortable for the employee to work in peace. Bonuses, company perks and paid day offs aren\'t enough to keep employees happy. We need to do more than this; like showing an employee how much the company appreciates his or her efforts, respect and value them on a personal level and other similar ones. With such gestures, the employees are generally more productive, engaged and loyal to the companies. It is essential that the owner learns the key ingredients to a successful workplace.

Make the Workplace a Community: Most of the employees spend half or more of their hours in a day at work. So keeping that in mind, the workplace becomes an important community that many employees take pride in and want to know that they are a part of it. For us, community means caring about the work and our colleagues. Employers should encourage everyone to address each other informally amongst their co-workers. The companies should make sure that managers know something about each employee who is important to them, personally. It is important to create common goals throughout the teams and the entire organization and encourage everyone to acknowledge good work.

Appreciation Rules: A \'best company\' knows to value its people. It also understands the importance of motivating, engaging, and inspiring them. And that\'s why it emphasizes the importance of meaningful recognition and provides the knowledge and tools for leaders and peers to appreciate one another\'s everyday accomplishments and big wins. Employees who are appreciated have better relationships with leaders and colleagues. They even have longer tenure at their organizations. And, appreciation is employees\' greatest motivator to produce great work. Organizations that make appreciation a priority don\'t just benefit from all its positive effects, they also become great places to work.

Establish a Health & Wellness Committee: Before beginning the ambitious endeavor of increasing employee wellness, select a small group of people to lead the charge. A wellness committee can research local opportunities, organize activities, or send out weekly health tips to help create your healthy workplace.

Encourage Employees to be Active: This is a great opportunity to increase both employee wellness and employee engagement. Inviting employees to walk to a company-sponsored lunch, or encouraging everyone to take the stairs each Thursday not only gets the endorphins pumping but also gives employees something to talk about around the water cooler as well.

A Sense of Meaning: Whether on the widget-line or in the executive suite, every employee feels happier knowing that their hard work benefits not just the business but the larger world.

It\'s actually quite simple. The best companies are the companies who truly focus on inspiring the best from their people; employees who have dreams, aspirations and personal goals of their own, and who are given the tools, environment and freedom to accomplish those goals. Understanding your people is the first step to going from good to great. And as simple as that may sound, it\'s the key to making a best place to work. Best Companies take extra care in making sure that their programs & processes include everyone.

Operating this way will help companies to identify the kinds of people who are a great fit for the organization and can be a huge reason for their retention. Being the \'best\' means having a team of employees whose collaboration creates something special. It means building a winning culture that supports ideation and improvement, and empowers employees\' continued success. And, more than anything else, it means you\'re in on the three secrets that inspire your employees to become their best.