HiddenBrains.com Growing Strong in Mobile World

Date:   Tuesday , August 07, 2012

Though the market is still reeling from the aftermath of the economic crisis, the mobile industry is already witnessing an exponential growth phase and so is the mobile apps market. The iPhones, Blackberrys and other smart phones are taking the mobile market by storm, and a second colossal wave comprising of tablets are also preparing for the same. These are not just increasing the size of the mobile market but also every market related to it. The tech savvy users of these gadgets are demanding more and more mobile apps for their professional, personal and entertainment needs. Many of these mobile apps are actually expanding the business horizon way further than anybody foresaw it would reach. The workforces of companies are highly mobile now and they demand apps that help them to do their job on the go without interruption.

Most companies that are now in this space realized the potential of this market only recently, where as HiddenBrains InfoTech, a company which provides custom Mobile App Development, Software Development, Web Application Development and offshore IT outsourcing services, had recognized the potential of these markets as early as 2003 and today has evolved into a prominent name in the IT industry. Various studies suggest that the demand in the field of mobile apps is only going to get larger in the coming years. According to International Data Corporation’s (IDC) forecast the mobile apps market revenue, which is $4.9 billion in 2010, will grow in mammoth proportions and reach $35 billion by 2014.

HiddenBrains has a vast experience in mobile platforms with exposure in different technologies like iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, Windows, Symbian and has created multiple business solutions for various kind of industries like eCommerce, Education, Community, Entertainment, Gaming, Job Portals, Real Estate, LMS, Restaurant, Travel Portals, Hospitality, Retail, Wholesale, Communications and many more across platforms like Web, Mobile and Desktop. The company develops applications that are eminently utilized for extensive functionality in today’s competitive corporate world by offering offshore development service for client’s custom requirements across the globe.

This vast exposure makes HiddenBrains divergent from similar companies in the industry. It has developed more than 400 applications worldwide i.e. for almost 84 countries. The company caters to the needs of clients in different platforms like web, desktop, toolbar development and provides complete solutions to them. This makes clients content as their business can be exposed on to different cadre of their customers; to maximize profitability. It has more than 2500 clients spreading across the U.S., Europe, and Asia Pacific and its affiliation directly & indirectly reaches to several big names in fortune 500 companies.

“We enjoy educating our clients as this helps them save money on future projects and also help them understand the next and biggest step, ‘Marketing’,” says Vishal Chhawchharia, Director & CEO, HiddenBrains, as he explains the working process. He explains that the marketing summary, which is a part of their package, has helped several clients to maximize their returns. His aim is to have 100 percent satisfied customers and will not stop with anything less than that. This care in customer satisfaction is reflected in the fact that 80 percent of the company’s business comes from repetitive client base, and the company takes true pride in saying that their success has truly been based on partnerships from the very beginning.

HiddenBrains keeps the communication overhead to a bare minimum by emphasizing on the standard processes which has increased the productivity and in minimizing extra work which subsequently eliminates future expenses. Market research is another aspect of their research efforts. These research helps the team when they encounters some poorly designed solution, as the team can refer into the researches and learn what not to do in the situation, and thereby ensuring continuous improvements in process and orientation. Everyone in the company is accountable and their own boss. “We model this culture throughout the entire company. It is important that each of our team players feel part of the whole we represent. We accomplish this by promoting and enrolling each of our team players in training they seek or that can be used to deliver better products, adopting new technologies based on our team’s request, and having an open out of the box thinking,” says Chhawchharia. The company’s focus is on strengths rather than on weaknesses and this has helped them to stay sharp.

Every company that runs in today’s highly volatile business scenario faces challenges. Establishing a convincing position in Mobile Apps development in the market has never been a rosy expedition for HiddenBrains. It was a challenge for company to maintain the expectation set by Apple and Google’s framework and that too with a fresh team of engineers. Every application is unique and it caters to various domains; keeping up with these domains for every new app is a big challenge. However, Chhawchharia believes that ‘every challenge is an opportunity’ and the company has created a significant competitive barrier by offering its applications on almost all platforms.

Today, HiddenBrains is expanding in terms of new geographies, newer applications and services, alongside aiming for having a different product range in near future. Company’s plan is to lay foundation for these expansions by aggressively increasing their workforce by 60 percent to cater the needs of increasing market demands. Seeing the market size and the rate of growth, it is clear that, with its 200 intellect work-force, 400 plus apps, and a 100 percent customer satisfaction goal, HiddenBrains is in the right space.