Seven Little Known Advantages of Enterprise Messaging

Date:   Friday , October 07, 2016

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The present day economic scenarios are marked with the advent of futuristic and innovative startups vying to disrupt the world around, in terms of technology, communication and consumer behavior. Given the massive reach of internet, and smartphones becoming increasingly popular & affordable, one may wonder about the fate of enterprise messaging. Although startups have been able to disrupt the way we communicate today, with instant messaging apps leading the popularity charts, the messaging solutions for enterprises are still viable, offering unrivaled marketing and promotional solutions. Let us now explore the seven different ways in which enterprise messaging is aiding and assisting businesses.

1. Unfaltering Reach of SMSs
While strictly talking numbers, as per the white paper published by Oxygen8, SMSs flaunt an open rate of 98 percent. Since every leading player is vying to grab a share from the attention span of users, 98 percent of messages being read by the consumers carry a huge potential. Furthermore, 90 percent of opened messages are read within three minutes of receiving the same. The number is huge from the perspective of brand managers, marketers and CEOs.

2. Preventing Frauds
The rise in the internet and smartphones, along with the advent of e-Commerce portals and online marketplaces has only contributed towards the rise of enterprise messaging. Adding a layer of security, text messages are being used by enterprises, e-Commerce companies, mobile wallets and the likes, to authenticate credentials. The two factor authentication process is a cost-effective and enduring solution for companies to drive success, and has been extensively utilized by several giants like LinkedIn, Twitter, Amazon, PayPal, Facebook, Google and more.

3. A Mandate by RBI
Serious about the authentication and taking cyber security to the next level, RBI has made it mandatory for the banks to communicate transaction details via SMS. Today, as the consumers begin to communicate more intimately with their smartphone devices, a lot of personal data gets shared over the internet. Hence, it doesn�t come as a surprise when SMS becomes a mandate by RBI to include a layer of security, keeping the consumer data safe and avoiding any frauds or misrepresentation.

4. Contributing in the growth of Business
Picture this � last year, there were 239 million phones that were sold in total, out of which, smartphones were 95 million, and feature phones completed the remaining 144 million. While instant messaging may be quick, fun and contemporary, the ubiquitous reach of SMS is an advantage enterprises can just not afford to overlook. While the reach of smartphones are mostly limited to the urban cities, touching upon the tier-II & III cities, the extensive presence of feature phones in the rural India is a dynamic worth exploring for brand managers. In fact, with the startup wave focused at making inroads to the remote areas of India, we have entrepreneurs, CEOs and marketing enthusiasts explore the all-encompassing reach of enterprise messaging.

5. Better Tracking & Resource Optimization
The technical innovation has reached the Enterprise Messaging service providers as well, and we are continuously evolving to extend the most advanced marketing solution to enterprises all over. With the launch of Short URL service, we are allowing enterprises to not only add brand name to the short URL but also better track the engagement and activity on their marketing campaigns. Tracking functionalities inbuilt in short URL service provide extensive information regarding the user behavior. By providing the details of users opening the message, clicking on the link or other aspects, the tracking services facilitate remarketing and retargeting.

6. Send Updates & Push Impulsive Decision Making
SMS notifications not only help customers be updated about what is happening with the favorite brands, these updates also influence impulsive decision making on the part of the ultimate consumers. As per the study, text messages are read between 90 seconds of receiving the same. Brands can leverage this feature, strategically refining their communication, influencing users to make decisions at an impulse. For example, if it is a weekend, chances are that the users would already be celebrating away and wouldn�t bother to keep a tab on their emails or social media notifications but a text message can get your message across with least resistance.

7. AXIOM to streamline messaging environment for businesses
While the peer-to-peer messaging communication has been transformed in the age of internet and smartphones, SMS is still a solution to reckon for achieving unparalleled B2B and B2C communication. As an integral part of company�s marketing mix, enterprise messaging mission critical communication, indispensable for both, promotional and transactional communication.