Impiger Technologies: Helping Enterprises Go Mobile

Date:   Friday , May 03, 2013

Around 65 percent of mobile applications that are downloaded are uninstalled after just one use, states a recent study.A whopping 90 percent of apps are totally not used after 3 months of installation. Around 57 percent of app users either uninstalled or declined to install apps due to privacy concerns. The primary reason for this trend is attributed to User Experience. User Experience is more than just UI design. It includes the usability of the app, presentation of right information and appropriate actions, pleasing look, feel and much more.

Impiger helps businesses leverage the power of Mobility to increase their sales, productivity, faster decision making and ultimately improving the revenue and profitability. They specialize in building niche Mobile Solutions that delivers 'Business Value'.

Founded in 2004 by Jude Ramayya and Ramakrishnamoorthy Venkatasubbu, Impiger specializes in providing technology solutions offering a complete range of innovative products and services in Communication and Enterprise Mobility. Providing the best-in-class User Experience is what gratifies to differentiate Impiger from rest of the players in this space.

Jude Ramayya, CEO, Impiger, feels, "Even though the mobile market seems to be crowded, it is really not enough to cater to the needs of the enterprises because of the growing demand from customers and employees. The Internet of Things (IoT) is only increasing the demand for Mobility solutions. It's just getting started and people are going to expect to have all details on the mobile and be able to take actions from the Mobile devices".
The demand curve is just taking a hockey stick shape and Impiger with five years of experience in varied mobility platforms, have built frameworks which allows Impiger to develop mobile applications quickly, cost effectively and for easier maintenance and support.

Unlike web portal development, mobility comes with its own set of challenges. Identifying the right approach and coming up with a roadmap is a tough challenge for any enterprise which is trying to go mobile. To satiate this, Impiger discusses with the customers to zero-in on mobile strategy that would provide them the right approach which will bring maximum ROI in the short term and long term.

Along with developing apps, with around 300+ mobile devices in their lab, they provide complete range of testing services besides maintenance and support.

When it comes to Enterprise Mobility, security and privacy needs to be given serious consideration. All of Impiger's 160+ apps have been developed keeping in mind the user experience and the security of customerís data privacy. Impiger recommends right Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions for Device Management, Business Intelligence and Application Management.

Impiger believes in reengineering till they cater to the exact necessitate of the clients and keeps themselves much ahead of their competition by investing a considerable portion of the revenue in R&D.

A privately funded company till date, Impiger has come a long way from being a services and consulting company to a solution based Services Company in the last few years. They plan to raise funds in the coming months as they sketch to invest more on R&D and Sales & Marketing.
The demand for mobility is surging worldwide, however Impiger is currently witnessing a huge demand from the U.S. along with the BRICS market basically Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa including the Asian countries like Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore and Middle East.