mCarbon: Years of Conquering Direct Revenue for Telecoms

Date:   Wednesday , December 28, 2016

The telecom industry in our country is about to witness a paradigm shift with the implementation of intelligent digitization products and innovative engagement processes. If numbers are to be believed, it is expected that the current 25 percent data penetration will grow up to 50 percent in the next two years, data & VoIP being the focal points. The recent take-off of data penetration has pushed the organizations to shift the focus to relevant utilization of information for revenue upliftment. Foreseeing this direction, Rajesh Razdan founded mCarbon in early 2008 to create compelling platform-based-offerings for telecom operators to maximize their revenue.

Decrypting the inherent gaps in the telecommunication industry by clutching Rajesh\'s extensive problem solving skills and know-how, mCarbon carved an identity in the U&R (usage & revenue) space and emerged as a leading provider of innovative revenue uplift and customer value management products for telecom operators globally. Currently the company works with all the leading telecom operators in India and has established a strong presence across geographies including Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Middle East and Africa, while its marquee clientele includes Airtel, Ooredoo, Vodafone, Expresso Telecom Group, Hutchisson, Idea and Aircel.

Being mCarbon

Rajesh recalls the initial hiccups and how he formulated & implemented strategies for combating the initial challenges. The primary of these being on-boarding of its first large customer, where he along with his team assessed the customer\'s landscape and intrinsic problems comprehensively and then proposed a fitting solution. And this premier contract bolstered the growth for the company within 4-5 months of starting up. Owing to this bright commencement, the company received its \'Series A\' influx in the very next year from Canaan Partner (now JP Morgan).

A solid groundwork with the confidence to deliver the solution on-time also played an equal role in the success of the organization. However, Rajesh\'s ideology while setting up mCarbon was simple - the company had to be agile enough to re-engineer itself to fit the needs of operator, and in turn industry recognized him with \'CEO of the Year\' award at the CMO Asia held in 2016 at Singapore, when he made this ideology into practice. \"A deep understanding of customer\'s problem and offering a sustainable cost-effective solution in the shortest span of time is our core strategy,\" adds Rajesh.

This Noida-based organization perceives that the key drivers that play crucial role in its thrive forward are innovation, agility in execution and combined efforts in redefining the U&R space by leveraging advanced analytics to carve products that create a pull for VAS in the minds of end-users. \"With the successful deployment of our solutions on the operator\'s network globally, we have been able to gather first-hand experience in crafting tailored revenue surge opportunities,\" proclaims Rajesh.

Perfect Package of Solutions

mCarbon offers a comprehensive solution portfolio aimed at improving customer-value and in-turn uplifting revenue for telcos. The company caters with discrete solutions for Revenue Upliftment and Customer Value Management. The revenue Uplift solutions include Airtime Advance and Credit, iContext and Multi-Option Recharge, while the Customer Value Management solutions spread as Call Management Suite, Market Place, Campaign Manager Plus, Multi-Channel Customer Care and Individual Customer Lifecycle Management (ICLM).

At one instance, when a leading telecom operator in India entailed to enable call completion and recoup lost revenues from insufficient balance in prepaid accounts, they approached mCarbon perceiving a matching facilitator in it. The enthusiastic team of mCarbon created and secured a robust talk time/data replenishment system using the award winning solution - Airtime Advance and Credit, which allows prepaid customers to request & savor Talktime/Data/SMS in advance from the operator within seconds of placing the request via USSD, IVR, SMS, PCN or Mobile App.

The system runs advanced analytics in the background to check in real-time things like eligibility and credit score, which get dynamic rating with paybacks. Airtime Advance and Credit solution benefitted the client with 6-8 percent increase in ARPU on an overall level and in turn greater end-user experience and boost in customer loyalty. iContext is another well recognized solution from the company which uses big data analytics and machine learning capabilities to extract relevant information regarding consumers to create actionable insights for operators to act upon and directly deal with the ROI. \"We first received a pat on our back in 2012 from Airtel, where they recognized us for being their Most Valued Partner,\" adds Rajesh. Post this experience, the company received a gamut of recognitions in the long run for its sparkling portfolio from various platforms including NASSCOM.


Encouraging its 250+ people strong workforce by continuously advocating a flat, transparent and affable work culture, the organization has thrived a trustable in-house along. Trusting and leveraging their expertise, mCarbon recently opened its regional office in Dubai to cater specifically to Middle East and African regions. \"At mCarbon, we persuade our employees and their managers to examine their skillsets persistently,\" concludes Rajesh. The company has a robust plan-of-action for the current fiscal and is increasing its international footprint with focus on prepaid markets of the world.

Key Management:

Rajesh Razdan, Founder & CEO

An excellent team player and independent leader with over 16 years of industry experience, Rajesh leads from the front to deliver exceptional results in a fast paced business environment.

Headquarter: Noida