*astTECS: Cost Effective Telephony Solutions

Date:   Monday , January 02, 2017

Adoption of IP PBX is increasing tremendously and the market is likely to witness a magnificent growth. This is mainly driven by high internet penetration, LTE deployments, video conferencing capabilities, increased number of smart phones and cutting edge applications. An increased adoption of VoIP among SMBs is expected. Also, there is a greater demand of collaboration and the ability to integrate different devices with enterprise IT applications, without a huge outlay of capital. Such a scenario calls for constant innovation in communication technology as the need of the hour. Believing and following the same is Bangalore based *astTECS, a telecom centric enterprise which provides unified communication solution and enterprise mobility products based on open source Asterisk technology.

*astTECS as a brand was founded in 2010 when the usage of Open Source was restricted to few small call centres. The company identified the need for a reliable supplier with guaranteed support in the market and ventured with clearly defined products, manufactured by ISO 9001 certified processes, and guaranteed 24x7 support infrastructures. \"Innovations in communication technology have been our focus and this is enabling us to deliver innovative, high-impact solutions that helps organizations reduce costs, simplify operations and increase business agility. Our solutions enable enterprises to increase efficiencies, improve performance and build competitive advantage - backed by a rapid return on investment and low total cost of ownership\" says Dr. Devasia Kurian, Managing Director, *astTECS.

A Telecom Centric Enterprise

The telephony journey of *astTECS began with IP PBX as the company believes the benefits of convergence of data and IP can be truly extracted by an IP PBX, which has an IP core. Communicating the fact through their tagline, *astTECS has over the years expanded their product offerings to cover the entire range of enterprise telecommunication products, based on Asterisk. At the moment, the company has a unique and compelling telephony range that includes IP PBX, Call Center Dialer, Video Conferencing solution, IVR, Voice Logger, Mini IP PBX, GSM Gateway and is the largest brand in this segment.

With feature rich, extremely versatile, flexible, customizable & scalable asterisk solutions, *astTECS render helping hands to organizations especially the SMEs to remove complexities, reduce time to deploy and establish communications strategy aligned with their business priorities. They aim to offer superior communication experiences that maximize efficiencies & productivity, at the same time control costs.

Speaking on the innovation side, Dr. Devasia utters, \"With the changing market dynamics and technology requirements, we are consistently innovating. We have recently announced a wide range of solutions for specific verticals like; Education, Hospitality, Real Estate and Hospitals and also launched Mobile PBX, SOHO PBX, advanced video conferencing solution and a wide range of telecom solutions for, utility services, e-commerce and so on.\" To further strengthen its portfolio, *astTECS plans to invest in R&D to address specific verticals. We are exploring to transform the PBX to a work force monitoring and optimisation tool by integrating various technology like mobile, AI, Machine Learning, IOT etc.

*astTECS as a Brand

A cost effective telephony solutions, *astTECS\' goal is to popularize Asterisk and establish Asterisk Open Source Telephony solution from a niche product to a mass product. The company invests significantly to develop affordable communication solutions and leaves no stone unturned to ensure that the communications needs are effective, constantly evolving and most importantly scalable with quick ROI.
\"We have been successful in establishing *astTECS brand and continue to strengthen the brand equity. We are scaling up our operations through partners across enterprises, SMBs and mid-market segments. We have successfully managed to deliver consistent results and remained competitive and committed to improve revenues,\" says Devasia.

As a well-known Open Source Telephony brand with 150 members strong team, that experiences a shared sense of celebration in their daily work and display passion to solve customer needs, *astTECS promotes healthy work-life balance and offer amazing opportunities to work with unique technology areas.

Team *astTECS believes that the telephony market of future is going to be dominated by Open Source companies and Asterisk platform will power the future communication systems. Other from this, the reduced costs of hardware and software along with upcoming demands from developed markets will push large scale deployments. \"We would continue to innovate and help organizations simplify their communication experience, strengthen product functionalities that enjoy better acceptance and expand in strategic markets,\" he concludes.

Key Management

Dr. Devasia Kurian, Managing Director
Dr. Devasia is from a hard core technical background and has got vast work experience in German and Indian software industries. His entrepreneurial acumen were proved in the task of setting up a marketing/development subsidiary for Teles , a 100 million Euro Telecom company in Germany and managed revenue units upto 15 million Euros.


India � Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Chennai, Cochin, Coimbatore, Goa, Nagpur, Ahmedabad, Jaipur and others
Global Presence
Asia � Myanmar, Philippines, Srilanka, Cambodia
Middle East � UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar
Africa � Botswana, Ghana, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, South Africa, Rawanda, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Uganda
North America - US � Illinois, Missouri
Europe � Germany
Ocenia � Fiji, Palau

Awards & Accolades

*astTECS was awarded Red Herring\'s Top 100 Global award for innovative use of technology for the emerging markets. We have been recognised as Top 20 most promising Open Source Solution and service provider. Also adjudged as Top 10 Made in India Brands by a leading media house.