Sreesaila: Empowering SMBs with Process Oriented IT Infrastructure Support

Date:   Monday , November 14, 2016

Enterprises hanging their hats on their system administration & support teams not only have to wrestle with the incessantly increasing cost (though there isn’t any increase in systems/services), but also have to endure the turbulence caused by the attrition of those staffs. In addition to this, SMEs also suffer with ineffective backup & restoration as well as unavailability of services & systems – devoid of SLAs. Coming as a saviour, Sreesaila Networks provides process-oriented IT Infrastructure Support (using ITIL/ITSM model) to SMBs & SMEs with its ideal end-to-end Remote IT Infrastructure Management services – boon small organizations can only dream of. And it does this without burning a hole in its customers pocket, using open source tools & technology and SME-friendly element based pricing where customer pay only for what they use.

Debuted in 2010, Sreesaila provides end-to-end IT Infrastructure Services (including vendor co-ordination/management) as per its 5S Model: Solution (Planning & Designing IT Infrastructure Solution), System Integration (Install, Setup & Commission as planned), Support (ITIL/ITSM based Operations & Maintenance Support), Sustain (Maintaining the SLAs to up keep the IT Availability) and Scale-Up (Continuous Improvement of SLAs & IT Availability). Though Sreesaila’s indomitable service delivery model (ISO 20000 compliant) doesn’t have much competition, the company had to outsource marketing function to professionals, since there is still resistance from customers to change from traditional mode of support to outsourcing the IT Infra support function. However, with its fame spreading like wildfire through its customer-turn-advocates and industry networks, this member of HYSEA & FICCI has been doubling its revenue annually.

Delivering as Required & as Promised

This Hyderabad-based organization ensures 99.95 percent availability of IT infrastructure spread across the globe by delivering remote monitoring and managed services from Remote Infrastructure Management center. Sreesaila’s well-planned business continuity strategy for efficient Backup & Disaster Recovery leaves no chance for fire fighting, thereby enabling customers to focus on their core business with a peace of mind regarding IT Infrastructure. This facilitated this technology-agnostic & platform-agnostic company to gain a reputation as an entity delivering right solutions as required and as promised.

Sreesaila’s framework takes into account management of applications & services hosted within a datacenter. Its management layer interface provides real-time information on availability, performance and provides faster root cause information. While the service management layer consists of tools for incident management processes, and automated troubleshooting/ticket assignment, the framework’s real-time dashboard provides information on infrastructure’s health and service management. The automation helps in managing incidents by triggering/orchestrating auto-resolution scripts or Service Process automation helps by forwarding tickets to the most skilled and appropriate resources.

Quality as a Way of Life

Sreesaila takes pride in its adept project/program management team that comes from Telecom & IT Services industry with experience in MNCs, top Telecom Service providers and OEMs. All of its 83 professionals are customer facing and are appropriately enabled to fulfil their responsibilities. Having ‘absolute integrity’ and ‘quality as a way of life’ as its tenets, Sreesaila’s people operate with the prime goal of making the customer successful. The company believes in motivating, coaching and mentoring (structured training) to transform its people into happy and high performing individuals. Sreesaila predominantly hires fresh graduates and nurtures them with internal & external trainings. “We pursue the RISE (Resource Induction & Skill Enhancement) model, for a structured way of enhancing the skills faster and making teams to graduate L1 to L2, & L2 to L3, faster,” concludes Sanjeeva Reddy Dontireddy, Managing Director, Sreesaila Networks.

Key Management:

Sanjeeva Reddy Dontireddy, Managing Director

Leveraging his vast business & technology experience, Sanjeev has been overseeing, managing & strategizing the plans and making executive decisions to improve company performance; thus ensuring that the objectives of Sreesaila are met.

Office: Hyderabad

Offerings: End-to-end Infrastructure Services, Design/Solution, System Integration, Managed Services, Capacity Planning and Backup & Recovery

Clients: Advanced Systems Laboratories (DRDO – Ministry of Defense), Reliance JioInfocom, Mytec Software, Apalya Technologies, Redpine Signals, LNP & Co, MSR Associates, Rampex Laboratories and Ecologic among others

Case Study:

A large Investment & Chartered Accountancy firm in India was struggling with data unavailability due to lack of adept Backup & Disaster Recovery, incurring huge investment on licenses due to platform dependency, Virus Attacks and File & Print sharing with access rights.
Sreesaila proposed a solution, where platforms were standardized (Linux OS for Clients with RDS clients to access Business Applications and Windows Server 2012 Standard for Server), all user profiles were fed on Server with Individual & Common Shares to enable user-based access rights for printers, file storage, & Applications/resources and finally Identified, planned & scheduled backup of data to ensure full backup on a weekly basis.
This enabled the company to save 60 percent (Rs.6,00,000/-) from CAPEX, reduce maintenance cost using RIMC Model, standardize & rationalize platforms, utilize resources efficiently due to consolidation and avail information instantly as there was no person dependency.