Digital Distribution, the Need of the Hour

Date:   Friday , October 07, 2016

Headquartered in Delhi, Deliver My Tune is a worldwide aggregator for music distribution which distributes music over 12 music stores like Google Play Music, Wynk music, Saavn and so on. Sharing music digitally, the company gives full rights to the artists and 100 percent control over their songs distribution.

Technology has been influencing the current scenario in many ways but since I am more into the field of Digital Distribution, I would like to speak more about the same. In any country, the usage of internet is one of the biggest parameters to measure its development. So is the case with India. The usage of internet has indeed proven to be one of the most significant yardsticks for the measurement of the coutnryís growth in the digital world.

Digital Distribution or e-distribution, the world has picked up drastic pace in the past couple 2-3 years but in reality not many of us are aware about the term. Initially, when the internet connection used to be poor, things were done physically. An artist to distribute any sort of audio or video had to take the route of Cassettes ad CDs. The artist had to do two things, first, he had to sing a song, he had to find a famous label or a brand name under which he can launch is music. Physical distribution had its limitations. A huge amount of money was spent on transportation and making multiple copies of the CDs and Cassettes. Ofcourse, this came with a risk, if the CDs were not sold, it would be a total waste of money. The artist had to be endowed with lots of money for being able to afford a big label and to bear the cost of physical distribution.

After the internet connectivity picked up, there was a huge drift in the way of listening to music. Instead of going out to purchase cassettes and CDs people used to download music from the internet. There were many benefits of that. First, they didnít have to pay for the whole album. Generally, people like one or two songs from one album and they had to pay for the whole album to listen to those 1-2 songs, but now, there was an option to download just the one track. Second, internet was a hug database. Millions of songs were available to the user with just one click. Third, the ease of use is excellent. Things are so easy, that even a 5 year old child could use it and listen to music. Precisely why, the digital market picked up a lot of pace and the things have taken massive shape as far as todayís scenario is concerned. Today, there is such a huge crowd on the world of internet that you donít need a label name to get famous. All you need is a good talent and proper distribution of your music digitally.

Almost half a billion internet users in India alone have access to internet. Initially when the internet connections were slow, music used to be downloaded and then listened to. But with more and more technological advancements and more intensified connectivity to the internet, instead of downloading, buffering became a common practice. With buffering, the listener had an option to avoid useless files pile up in his deviceís memory. He could listen to anything and everything and be selective in downloading .With the growth of buffering, the digital market intensified massivley. Websites like YouTube, iTunes, Shazam,, saavn caught huge popularity because of their ease of use and huge database.

Today, there are millions of users of such online music websites. From a business point of view, right now, the digital market is almost $100.2 million industry, which is expected to be $200 million by the end of 2020 in India alone. As far the global scenario is concerned, the market is worth $16.5 billion which is set to increase in the coming decade. The number of internet users are growing day by day and so is the popularity of online music distribution websites, which at just a click of mouse, gives the user, access to almost all the songs.

Todayís artist has to understand the potential in the digital market. Gone are the days of labels, the world now speaks a digital language. More often than not, we download the music or buffer it online rather than buying a CD. This is where DeliverMyTune steps in. Once an artist creates music (song/album), we fulfil the teidious task of distribution of that piece of song across more than 12 online music stores thus, reducing the artistís worry of managing all the small and petty issues related to distribution.

The market is huge; the listeners are in billions, its just about doing the right thing at the right time. It has been rightly said, that you are never wrong to do the right thing. We did our bit, by bringing the most prestegious online music stores on one platform for the convenience of the artist, and now itís the artistís decision to show his trust in this huge market, because as they say, the people who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world are the ones who do.