Inspiredge: NewAge & Employee-Centric HR Policies Aligned with Organizational Goals

Date:   Thursday , May 07, 2015

Victory tastes much sweeter when we get to share it with our beloved ones. After all, it is their love and support that propels us to achieve great things; especially in incessantly evolving technology industry. Realizing the magnitude of family\'s support, Inspiredge IT Solutions, an innovative KPO & ITeS company, creates impact on employee\'s families with subtle yet significant HR initiatives. Aside from applauding family\'s support by granting \'Performance Support Awards\' to spouses in annual day and surprising Inspiredgers by booking tables in restaurant to dine with family for specific client appreciation, the Visakhapatnam-based company also wishes their family members on their birthdays by sending cakes and cards. Inspiredge has Industry wide best-practices on hiring, training, role rotation, employee engagement, balance score card driven appraisals, internal job postings and promotions. The company has numerous exemplifying growth stories, where an employee joined as fresher is currently designated in highest Tier-3 role.

Founded in 2011 with one full-time employee, Inspiredge became an independent entity in 2012 and today it stands tall with well over 100 employees and global presence in Visakhapatnam, Hyderabad and New Jersey. With support of promoters Murali Krishna Gannamani, Krishnakanth Pilli & Krishna Mohan Gadiparthi (CEO) and leadership team ably led by Narendra Nerla (SVP), Inspiredge identified a niche space and established foothold by building IP around right solutions and excellence in service delivery across UC & Telecom industry, without diverting focus to generic projects & programs just for scale & top-line. When asked about the journey so far, \"Exceptional and Overwhelming,\" excitedly replies Phani Karra, COO, Inspiredge IT Solutions.

Integrity-Innovation-Inspirational Work Ethic

Inspiredge is deeply committed to its customers who trusts it with mission-critical processes and to its internal customers-employees. By constantly inspiring to innovate, the company keeps Inspiredgers far from getting monotonous.Inspiredge\'s new-age & employee-centric HR policy framework aligned with organizational goal is designed to motivate \'social media adoring millennial\' talent pool, without compromising security/client satisfaction. While common facilities like cafeteria, frequent team outings and fun activities bring personal touch, providing platform to participate and own initiatives motivates Inspiredgers.

The company\'s mantra \'Open Work Culture and Flat Organizational Structure with 360o Feedback Mechanism\' reflects in policies (direct client interaction opportunity), work environment (only three closed cabins for conference & training and easily approachable management) and growth. Apart from the GPS equipped cabs and CCTV surveillance, HR teams often conducts one-on-one session to take regular feedback on Inspiredger\'s comfort and improvise accordingly.

Learn, Perform & Grow

With industry best experts heading its verticals/practices in Avaya, Cisco, Telecom Expense Management & KPO, Inspiredge has a blend of hands-on experienced teams and fresh talent pool built in internal academy through a meticulous six months process; in the ratio of 25:75. Hence, the company that is obsessed with skill enhancement can boast of cent-percent certified technical staff. As Inspiredge is constantly penetrating into new technologies, the experienced team adeptly trains freshers into hands-on engineers. While technical labs enable engineers to explore, management learning programs empowers managerial employees to excel.

As the company is metamorphosing from startup to mid-level organization, it has undeterred focus to become \'Solution Partner of Choice\' for every global client in industry. \"We as leadership team want to see our in-house talent pool leading practices and take major roles in service delivery in coming years,\" concludes Phani with tremendous hope.