Why Not Try A Second Helping!

Date:   Tuesday , March 29, 2016

Headquartered in Mumbai, CredR is India\'s CredR is an online platform enabling the users to list and purchase verified, pre-owned vehicles at the reasonable rates.

Initially people had an appalling perception about pre-owned vehicles, largely attributed to dubious sellers, atrocious prices, repairs and most importantly, not getting a good condition vehicle in hand! Much of this situation has improved today, and there is a growing affability for pre-owned vehicles. But interestingly, consumers still carry different perceptions about owning a pre-owned vehicle.

These perceptions are a result of their personal experience, or feedback from the immediate social circle. One cannot however, generalize the category based these selected opinions, since the desire and expectations of each buyer is different. Some buyers seek economic viability, while others seek short term convenience and some might be making an impulse purchase. So often the predicament of \'pre owned vs new\' is a tussle in the buyers mind: So here are some pointers from community experience, to help you decide on buying a pre-owned vehicle:

Cost: The pre-owned vehicle comes at a lower price, so it allows the buyer to look for better options. Instead of buying a brand new bike, one can opt for a second hand good quality bike on the higher end, with better features. Here, the buyer often seeks value for investment as one is getting a higher model at a cheaper cost, and most often the perception also changes towards the bike.

Lower Insurance Premium: The premium amount for any used vehicle is comparatively much less, compared to the new one. So effectively, the second hand bike is cheaper and if the quality of the bike is good, one can save some money on maintenance too.

First Time User: One can use second hand vehicles as a good option to learn driving. One might take learning sessions from a driving school and also get a license issued, but driving on the road can be an intimidating task for first timers. Furthermore, if the vehicle is new then the attempt can be traumatizing! So it is advisable to get fluent with your driving on a second hand vehicle; so that in case of any minor knocks, the repairs are not very heavy on the pocket!

Easy To Pass On: Today the community is very agile and one needs to be ready to travel across to new places for professional or personal commitments. This relocation becomes burdensome when we need to shift our belongings across and a vehicle turns out to be more of an anxiety, as safety is a concern. With pre-owned vehicles, one can easily sell it of or barter it and gain some remuneration. Also with a second hand buy, we often do not have the \'emotional attachment\' as with a new bike, so it is easy to load off before relocating.

Thinking Green: Today there is an imperative need to support and practice pro-environment initiatives. While this reason might be the last on the list, it is the most important point as to why one must opt for pre-owned vehicles, as it will help reduce the number of new vehicles on the road! And lesser vehicles means lesser pollution and a forward step towards healthy living and a happier planet!

In the age of convenience and smart living, the option of using quality second hand vehicles is a viable option and sign of being an adroit consumer. Pre-owned vehicles are easy on the pocket and also allows the user to enjoy a variety of options over a period of time. So if you are not blinded by frivolous concerns, myths or have a fixation for new things, a pre-owned vehicle, in many ways will address all our requirements.