Bazaar Analysis: Leading to Safe Investments with Healthy Returns

Date:   Tuesday , December 01, 2015

Bhagyashree has earned a good bonus and wants to invest the entire amount. But like every other person, she also has a few questions - Where should I invest this amount? Should I just make an FD? Will Mutual Fund genuinely work? What about Bonds? Well, these prevalent questions are most of the time left unanswered, and to follow a lucrative way to increase the wealth, numerous number of people have lost their entire investment trusting brokers. But in the smart era, investments have also become smart - making ways to efficacious investment reducing trepidation of losing the entire amount. Making a room in the investment plateau with a platform that analyzes the stock data and keeps you apprised on best time to buy and best time to sell, Bazaar Analysis(SAFE Trade) originated. In addition to predictive analysis, it takes care of macro parameters of stock investment like portfolio diversity and money distribution across individual stocks. Most importantly, it will vigilant you on when & what to buy and when to sell.

This scenario is very prevalent prior to investing and there are scarcely any people who knew A-to-Z of investing. Thus, it leaves an immense gap between the investors and apportions. To bridge this mundane gap, Bazaar Analysis, brainchild of Jyoti Kumar (Founder & CEO) was incorporated in 2011 in Hyderabad with a vision to work as a watchdog for investors availing them to identify right stocks and build balanced portfolio.

SMART Investment

While adoptability of an incipient conception has always been a quandary, Jyoti additionally struggled with data sources that were the lifelines of business. But the real challenge was to surmount the stiff mentality of the B2B companies as they had their own fundamental thoughts pertaining to analysis. And then, Jyoti decided to crack the B2C market which was open to new ideas. Bazaar Analysis witnessed a tremendous growth providing thousands of share traders in the country the key to ride in the tidal share market.

Utilizing an investment framework - SMART, a generic set of rules for long term investors after close study of stocks demeanor, Bazaar Analysis avails customers build their portfolio in share trading through their APS (Active Portfolio Service) on trial basis with virtual currency and on subscription substratum. This platform offers simple solution of managing stock market investment, and playing a watch dog role which will be extended to single window solution for selling and purchasing stocks soon. To provide comprehensive roboadvisory solution, this web-portal sends SMS alerts and email for required plan of actions (which stock and how much to sell or buy). Jyoti expounds, \"The primary objective of the end-user is to grow their wealth. Each user expects to have a solution which will enable them to get better returns for their investment when compared to conventional investment model. But nobody is taking the responsibility of availing the end-users to take their critical decisions on how to proceed further. Starting right from a tyro investor, if he decides to invest Rs.2 lacs in the stock market, our automated system quickly responds and helps him by providing details of what to buy and how much to buy, and many more\".

While Jyoti claims that one of the reasons to suffer loss in share market is not tracking the investment made, research suggests equipollent to people with their diligent schedule are not able to maintain daily updates on the stocks purchased. As a sigh of palliation, people now get plenary report on the invested shares in an automated process through mail and on phone making investment more facile. One such customer who profoundly got benefited by the APS platform and SMART analysis has become the initial investor of the company. Great indeed!

Getting Future Ready

Maintaining a unique freelancing employment model, where no one is on a fine-tuned payroll, availed this startup to scale up and grow vigorous. Its be-direct approach, pre-deciding ideas and direct-feedback have fabricated a clear understanding in the organization maintaining salubrious arguments that lead to expeditious solutions. Speaking about employees\' growth, Jyoti proclaims, \"People with aspirations to grow in any direction of their cull can grow quiet facilely, provided that they have the skills and potential to achieve that growth. We offer open & equal opportunities to all our employees to grow within our organization. Once in a while, we withal bring in technology experts to our offices where sessions are held for them to get themselves updated with the technology trends\".

With a target to reach 1.5 million subscribers in the next 4-5 years, Bazaar Analysis that has been managing over Rs.90 million of top 100 clients has been in search for further funding. This funding round will enablethem to go global with their future-perfect analysis platform and increase their evangelist network to 1000+.

Amidst numerous awards and apperceptions, this startup is blessed with its jubilant subscribers. While statistics show that ecumenical stock market has witnessed at least 20 percent growth (year-on-year) in the last decade even after two deplorable recession patches, with newer technologies and increasing spending power of people, stock market is all set to grow rapidly in the coming years. In an approbatory locus, Bazaar Analysis\' approach of making people yare of investing in the stocks will go a long way.


Key Management

Jyoti Kumar, CEO

With over 18 years of experience, Jyoti has worked with Bluechip companies. An engineer by profession specialized in problem solving; his expertise in diverse domains has been commendable. With such deep expertise, he is now leading the charge of Bazaar Analysis.

Headquarter: Hyderabad

Services:Financial Analysis, Business Analytics, Automation, High End Software Product Development

Products: Active Portfolio Service

- Red Herring Asia Top 100 Technology-based New Companies
- Best Financial Startup for Simplifying Stock Market Investment by ISA
- Top 100 portfolio registered with their system is managing more than INR 90 million