Freescale Semiconductor: Pioneering Revolutionary Technologies to Ignite Innovations

Date:   Thursday , May 21, 2015

Being creatures of habit, humans get acclimatized to whatever we do repeatedly. In a country like India, where most people spend substantial amount of time in vehicles, we seek the freedom we relish at home to be replicated in automotives. Having innovation in its genes, Freescale Semiconductor, Inc, a leading embedded processing solutions company, is pioneering such vital technologies for enabling diverse innovations across various business groups including automotive, consumer, industrial and networking.

Born in 1948 as a division of Motorola, Freescale became autonomous in 2004. The Texas headquartered company has played a significant role in the evolution of embedded technologies with an extensive product portfolio that encompasses 8, 16 & 32 bit microcontrollers & processors, digital signal processors & controllers, analog & power management, customer specific ICs & custom SOCs, RF and sensors. The company ignited the computing revolution in 1984 by building MC68000 and pioneered commercial high-power transistor, radio transponder for Man on the Moon mission, two way mobile radio and power switches for anti-lock brake systems to name a few. Today with over 18,000 employees across 20 plus countries, Freescale has over 6200 patent families and can boast of the fact that more than 17 billion Freescale semiconductor products are being used worldwide.

Connecting with Cars Personally

As gestures and audio are estimated to take precedence over visuals to avoid distractions, IoT will connect all unique voice recognition technologies integrated through microcontrollers into the car and manage the entire communication network interface. Freescale is working on technologies, where the entire car will be seamlessly connected through an on-road high speed Ethernet network and hence gigabytes of information will be going back and forth while driving. \"The day is not far off when IoT will empower us to automatically connect with the car the moment we enter in it; not just in driving perspective but also personally. We often refer IoT as IoC - Internet of Cars, since we are confident that it will bring such a powerful connectivity within a car to encompass entertainment, infotainment and technologies for saving human lives,\" explains Sanjay Gupta, Executive Director of Automotive & Industrial MCU Group, Freescale Semiconductor.

Saving Lives is the First Priority

Since saving human lives is Freescale\'s number one priority, with sheer focus on that it has been working on ADAS for the past five years. Through technologies like Radar and Vision, the company aims to literally form a halo around the car and notifies driver whenever the car is in risk zone. Even if the driver is sleepy, the car will take control and avoid accidents. As the existing prototype in the industry is not cost optimized, Freescale is building an advanced solution, where multiple chip functions are embedded into single chip to provide a cheaper and much neater solution, which will be customized according to the country.

For instance, in the slow moving Indian traffic, the chip automatically drives to avoid the frustration of unremittingly putting gears and pulling breaks. Freescale\'s ADAS division\'s ultimate focus is on driver less driving, especially on collision & blind spot detection and night vision capability that enables the car to catch speed signals and alerts driver. In case of accidents, the company\'s sensors will measure fatality rate and automatically inform ambulance from nearby hospitals and family members using GPS based wireless connectivity.

Enough Pie for Every Partner in the Ecosystem

But to bring alive this dream, every partner in ecosystem - Semiconductor suppliers, TOMs, OEMs, hospitals and government - need to play their role. When the market skyrockets, there will be pie for everybody to share in terms of social value and business growth. Realizing this, the industry is wholeheartedly inaugurating an automotive centric body through ISA framework to integrate all ecosystem partners, which would be led by Freescale. Forums act as a catalyst to this natural evolution of ecosystem. The unprecedented enthusiasm brought on by \'Make in India\' is also being a great catalyst that will thrust especially startups to come forward with the great hope of having government on the side.

Encouraging Entrepreneurship & Innovation

\"Startups are our future. If we help them today, they will start manufacturing in a decade. Importing high value electronic goods in high volumes will increase our GTP manufacturing percentage; thus dwindle inflation. Hence, since 2009, Freescale has been enabling India to focus on high-end innovation through our customer solution center designed specifically to mentor companies and to help customize, finetune & accelerate their end products leveraging our technical expertise, IPs and softwares,\" says Sanjay. The company has training programs in various cities, where startups can showcase their solutions and attain hands-on experience for free in real-time from Freescale\'s engineering experts and also buy its products at a truly discounted rate.

One gets the real taste and passion for entrepreneurship during collage days. Understanding this, the company encourages it by partnering with plentiful Indian academia and consistently funds researches, which are aligned with its business objectives. Freescale also provides internship projects through its tech labs in various cities, which are continuously upgraded. \"As part of semiconductor fraternity, India will remain our focus while we continue our linkages with our parent company to leverage their learnings and take India in our journey. Freescale is committed to develop Indian ecosystem,\" concludes Sanjay.