Ranjeet Shingane discusses the importance of a positive attitude while hiring a candidate

Date:   Tuesday , August 01, 2006

What I like:
When recruiting, I keep in mind what the company expects of a candidate. I like candidates who have long-term goals. They should adapt to the work culture and the environment of the work place. According to our policy, we are not supposed to hire candidates from certain branches of B.E. and MCA. Once I interviewed a candidate who came from such a background. On further analysis, I found out that the candidate was very qualified and showed a positive attitude with a sense of loyalty towards work. This impressed me and I hired the candidate.

What I donít like:
A non co-operative mindset and a bad attitude can reflect negatively on a candidate. The transaction for certain candidates from a large company to a smaller one may be uncomfortable and un-adjustable. A candidate approached us with very high qualifications and also with ample experience from a very reputed company. When we started the interview process, she sounded hesitant about being comfortable with the work environment here. Though she possessed a great resume, I had to let her go.