Idea Brahma: Shaping Global Education through m-Learning

Date:   Thursday , December 03, 2015

2010, a year of innovation, rapid growth and emerging technologies in cloud, analytics and our very own smartphones were at the aftermath of the global recession. When most of the companies were still reluctant to devote in technologies that were thought to be \'alien\', the market was in desperate need of a drastic change what we today call as disruptive idea. With emerging Indian smartphone market and technologies such as cloud, learning was made available at our fingertip. Thanks to the rapid growth saga of the handheld devices, India witnessed a steady growth in mobile internet users craving to go double from 213 million.

In a mission to bring in mobility to learning, Ravindra Vinjamuri (Managing Director of Idea Brahma), an innovator & technopreneur, setup Idea Brahma in this very year (2010) leveraging schools and institutes to provide Hi-Tech, yet affordable teaching experience making learning interactive through 3D, gaming & Cross-Concept Blending with ultimate security. With a humble beginning depicting Brahma as the god of creation, Idea Brahma\'s motto is to create, innovate and transform anidea to a successful one. And partnering with (a non-profit organization that promotes education as a basic human right) added the social enterprise feather to its hat.

The Lifeboard

Idea Brahma\'s modest journey began with a cloud-based m-Health platform that helped doctors managing their patients when the virtual servers and their security were unheard of. With Vbond, an on-the-go clinic that offers doctors an easy way to exchange medical records over an app, Idea Brahma tested success and soon spread its wings to m-Learning. \"We are working with a very active partner - for over three years. Gooru has very credible board-members from Google & others with a mission to perceive Education as a Human Right. This is one of our primary sources for open education assets in India. We\'re working proximately with them to bring this concept of Gooru to Indian schools and Lifeboard is the technology partner to do that. We would utilize the content analysis from Gooru,\" elucidates Ravindra.

Idea Brahma\'s m-Learning platform Lifeboard Education - a free high-quality educational content with a unique learning philosophy called ConfluLearn- provides precise learning insights for a 360° development of a learner using a wisdom engine. Building a robust platform to aggregate teachers\' contents, Idea Brahma brings in mobility to learning - liberation to learn anywhere & anytime on any devices. Segregating its offerings for students and teachers, this startup avails students with mobility in reviewing content, inbuilt assessment engine to practice with and enables sharing of content within peer group to learn better. For teachers, this company offers best-in-class plans as per curriculum integrating opulent and live content with interactive videos and web content enabling them to conduct digital classes utilizing mobile tablet apps.

To master a concrete area, this startup wants to help teachers in publishing their content and monetize it. Ravindra integrates, \"In India, there\'re very good teachers who work with their own content and techniques of edifying. But most of the contents are discarded after exams. So we wanted to provide an access through our Lifeboard platform where they can genuinely create and publish their content for students. We\'re utilizing this OER content in very categorical implements for learning ability management\". This model provides monetary rewards for teachers who now evolve to \"Publishers\"

Exploring Global Shores

Wishing to keep a lean organization structure, Idea Brahma believes in hand-in-hand working of management and production team. Employees additionally relish a fair quota of ownership in terms of product development as often they embed their names in the products amid an on-the-job training environment. \"We believe in open work-environment. Once somebody is recruited, we treat him as a member of the big family and we mean it. That\'s whatthe caliber of ownership we believe in.In fact in many ways, they really own the products,\" integrates Ravindra.
Following a unique organizational structure, Idea Brahma doesn\'t home an HR department as it has automated most of the HR processes to ascertain that employees reach to the management directly and the issues are resolved at the first instance.

Having received positive replications in the arena already, this company is spinning off as a separate entity denominated Lifeboard Edu Solutions and has plans to raise first round of funds in coming years. Ravindra desists, \"In a mould of innovation, we hadbegun with anidea and now we\'re in a process where the conception is in a colossal scale. We\'re looking forward to the prosperity of our idea and when it becomes a better one, customers will be able to wager on\".

In the age when mobile and internet have become utility, m-Learning is not only expected to grow, but additionally it is projected to shape the landscape of edification besides. Exploring shores of middle-east already, Idea Brahma is looking forward to UK to start operations at the cessation of this year.


Key Management

Ravindra Vinjamuri, Managing Director

An innovator & technopreneur, Ravindra holds various patents in diverse areas including NLP, Data Delivery, Rendering and Encryption. He brings in unique innovative ideas blended with sustainable business models. A music composer, tech-freak and passionate about flying helicopters, he is now heading Idea Brahma.

Headquarter: Bangalore

Offerings: m-Health, m-Learning platforms and mobile apps


- mBillionth Award for m-Health
- Aegis Graham Bell Award
- Top 3 Position in Economic Times Award
- 5th Rank in Deloitte Fast 50 India and
- 35th Rank in Deloitte Fast 500 Asia 2014