Fission Labs: Accelerating Innovation at Startups

Date:   Monday , July 20, 2015

As the fast evolution of cloud capabilities has shattered infrastructure barriers, SMEs are empowered to compete on a level playing field with big players. With Cloud services reducing time-to-market and accelerating innovation, SMEs operating in niche areas with cutting-edge technologies are well-positioned to address the market\'s needs. Banking on this opportunity is Fission Labs, a cloud-native software product development & services company, which adeptly accelerates client\'s product development with advanced technology stack, culture and attitude aligned with Silicon Valley culture. Being an AWS Preferred Partner, Fission Labs has one of the most competent and experienced teams on AWS in India. The Hyderabad headquartered company, that has \'scale\' as its key strength and no dedicated sales & marketing team, takes pride in the fact that 100 percent of its business came through referrals and word-of-mouth.

The Ideal Partner for Startups

Founded in 2008 by Kishore Poreddy and Eswar Lingam to help build a web publishing platform for Publiture, a Silicon Valley-based startup, Fission Labs pivoted to become a technology & innovation accelerator around 2010. The founders\' extensive experience in building and managing scalable applications at Valley-based startups endowed Fission Labs with several innate strengths in products & technology, while having the Valley culture in DNA made it an ideal partner for startups. This also serves as the primary reason for its rapid 100 percent year-on-year growth rate in terms of value and employee strength.

Today, the company that helped to successfully build and manage a cloud-based application that has 100 plus million users, is building complex applications like mobile advertising systems and content discovery systems; thereby proving to the world that India can help Silicon Valley Startups. Fission Labs\' client Naghi Prasad, CEO, Deep Forest Media which has been recently acquired by Rakuten, Japan\'s largest e-Commerce company, testifies \"Fission Labs is key to our success in getting our product developed effectively. They understand product development, startups, remote teams and work hard to enable the success of our engineering efforts\".

Responsibility as Opposed to Control

Passion for technology and drive/whatever-it-takes attitude are the core values that drive Fission Labs and guide their employees. The company\'s engineers love its informal Valley culture that inculcates flexibility, freedom and openness, where there is responsibility as opposed to control and people as opposed to processes. Fission Labs has been able to achieve maximum job satisfaction, as its people\'s work is high in the value chain involving cutting edge technologies on cloud, mobile, IoT and Big Data. \"We emphasize continuous learning in all aspects � engineering, operations, HR and infrastructure. Everybody here believes that they are taking a step backwards by not going forward in developing new skills,\" says a proud Kishore.

Geared Up to Accelerate Indian Startups

India is predicted to be more cloud-based than the west, as many Indian organizations are leapfrogging to cloud directly without going through the route of data centers. As the startup activity in India is picking up, some Indian startups are reaching out to Fission Labs for their product development and scalability needs. The company is now keenly expanding its footprint to startups and innovation centers across the globe. Fission Labs is scaling its business by building a robust sales & marketing platform to overcome the growth challenge and soar to greater heights.