Adatrix Next Generation Digital Ad platform

Date:   Thursday , August 04, 2011

The technological advancements and innovations are transforming the digital advertising world at a rapid pace. More and more information is being generated and consumed on digital mediums and newer digital devices are constantly emerging making the consumers dive deeper into the digital world than ever before. Content is becoming ubiquitous across all digital consumption mediums and with this the digital advertising boundaries are continuing to blur.

Consumer involvement with multiple digital touch points triggers varied response patterns; tracking of these data streams and behavioral trends in real-time holds the key for relevant and adaptive brand-user engagement.

This sketches the background to what the BIZense team has envisioned in their Adatrix platform. The entrepreneurial team at BIZense comprises of IIT alumni having experience in telecom & advertising domains. With a focus on innovation and excellence, this Bangalore based startup is ready to take the digital advertisement market head on with its Adatrix Ad platform.

“It has taken us one and a half years to architect the ad platform from grounds up, for catering to the emerging demands of the digital advertising industry. Product development is a risky and challenging proposition; Balancing the act of generating revenues to fund product R&D and building a highly adept technical team around the product has been extremely critical for us to reach the beta launch stage,” says Amit Khemchandani, Founder & CEO, BIZense.

From technology perspective, the platform is built on erlang - used in massively scalable telecommunication applications and has built-in support for concurrency, distribution and fault tolerance. “It enables us to easily scale our platform across multiple servers as and when ad serving traffic increases. User interfaces are developed using RAP (Rich Ajax Platform), an eclipse osgi based framework, which provides us capability for building rich, intuitive and extensible frontend,” says Akhil Agrawal, Founder & CTO, BIZense.

With huge amount of data streams flowing through the system, analytics becomes a crucial element providing insights to the players in the advertising industry. The company’s analytics platform builds on top of cross dimensional analysis, sophisticated machine learning algorithms and algorithmic game theory. “We have also leveraged concepts from stock market for detecting real time actionable trend patterns,” says Priyabrata Kuanr, Head Analytics at BIZense.

Adatrix features comprise of a multi-channel ad delivery platform, real time neutral ad exchange, real time adaptive trend based optimizations and analytics, and an online lead management system. Adatrix is a self-service consolidated ad platform, and can solve multiple pain points for advertisers, publishers, networks and agencies.

“Although there is competition, it is primarily in the Western markets and their technologies are older and not focused on all the new emerging digital devices. There are four key foundation concepts of Adatrix which are our USP and major differentiator - A proprietary multi screen ad serving technology architected from ground up, a neutral exchange with patent pending algorithms, ability to build private exchanges and adaptive real-time trend based optimizations,” says Khemchandani.

This level of innovation with a futuristic vision has made sure that the product will be able to create a niche in the market. The product just entered into the beta testing stage and the company has already signed up four customers for a beta. Three of these are Indian companies and one is a German company, from publishing, advertising, and mobile marketing sectors. Adatrix will have the advantage of being an innovative homegrown product with a vision of the future. With the potential growth of digital advertising on multiple digital screens, the company has positioned itself for the future.