Poornima Naik voices her choice for a best candiate while hiring

Date:   Tuesday , August 01, 2006

What I like:
A candidate should approach an interview with an objective mindset. The seriousness with which you approach an interview is matched up to your seriousness towards the work. I think here factors like grooming body language and personality play an important part. Though they may be small keys to a bigger puzzle, they have to be in place for a complete image. The confidence that a candidate brings along with him to the interview gets my attention. I donít insist on experience. I believe in giving freshers a chance as they express the desire to work but are not given an opportunity to do so. A thirst to learn new things accompanied with a good attitude make a good impression.
A candidate who was very bright but poor in his communication skills approached us. After an interview with him, I was convinced he was right for this job. His minor flaw of poor communication could be improved with training and he could do very well in the company if given a chance. I hired him.

What I donít like:
I donít like candidates who donít dress appropriately for the interview. This shows their lack of earnestness towards work. They have to be formal and act within a code of conduct. I once interviewed a lady who was dressed very casually and chewed gum during the entire interview process. This reflected very negatively on her seriousness and I did not hire her.