ClaySys Technologies: 'No-Code' Application Builder

Date:   Friday , May 02, 2014

Building business applications cannot be achieved without computer programmers writing thousands or millions of lines of complex software codes. Business requirements keep changing rapidly, and for efficient and fast delivery of business applications, using conventional Java or .NET cannot keep up with the pace as they require highly technical skills and complex coding. The major drawback to traditional app development is for on-going maintenance to incorporate any changes requested by the business. In such situations you need to go through a time consuming and complex process of re-writing sections of your code each time, which is error prone, time consuming and expensive. Now, imagine if developing Apps were as easy as building a toy house with LEGO Blocks, or configuring a spread sheet like Excel. A new concept is evolving in the business applications software industry using \'configuration\' with \'No-Code\' to build complex business applications.

In 2010, this concept took shape in a few brilliant minds who were developing business applications for SMEs and Enterprise customers, led by Vinod Tharakan, Director, ClaySys Technologies, an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) and a software services company. \"We sought to re-imagine the whole idea of building business applications through coding and re-coding, and conceptualized the ClaySys Application Builder product. We named our company ClaySys as we wanted our Apps to exude the nature of clay, which is easily modifiable and mouldable into any shape and form,\" explains Vinod. The company developed its Application builder product to be completely ‘Metadata’ driven, to handle rapid business changes with ease. Any app built with this product can easily be modified on an on-going basis, as business requirements change. Applications can be built significantly faster, then through the traditional coding approach, with productivity gains of between 6 to 10 times, depending on the complexity of the requirement.

The software generates \'ClayCode\', an XML metadata definition, using the App Builder Designer tools through \'configuration\' without a single line of programming code needing to be written,and an App browser component then renders the ClayCode into its end user Interface for the users, similar to how a Web Browser renders HTML. With the help of these tools and services, an organization can create an application through just three simple steps: Design Modules/Forms by dragging and dropping fields, and setting attributes; map the Form fields to their respective data sources (SQL Server, Web Services, Sockets) and embed business logic into a Form or Module by using Business Rules Editor. The future versions of the ClaySys App Builder being worked on, will support Linux, iOS, and Android besides just Windows Server, and any App created would work across any of the versions of the product, due to the XML Metadata being portable across these platform version of the product.

The company executes the projects from their offshore center in India with remote access to the clients\'development environment. With current offices in Florida, U.S. and Dubai, UAE. ClaySys plans to expand its employee strength and grow operations to new markets with an office in the UK planned next year.