75Health: Cloud-based Intelligent EHR System Focused to Nurture the Tradition of Simulated Working

Date:   Tuesday , February 21, 2017

Medicines are believed to restore our health, but contrastingly a survey by WHO reports that one in 10 hospital admissions lead to adverse events and one in 300 admissions in death. An adverse event could happen from a range of unintended medical errors like patients spending an extra day in hospital or missing a dose of medicine. Medical EHR are the new age superheroes to prevent the medical errors by electronically storing patient\'s health history, lab results, and prescriptions with just a click, freeing doctors from manually storing data and managing them. While countries like U.S., Korea, and New Zealand have adopted EHR at large scale, the implementation of EHR in India is moving at a snail\'s pace. To resolve this hesitation and to pace up the ecosystem, Kaaspro Enterprises is providing its cloud-based EHR system \'75Health\' at free of cost for doctors, clinics, and hospitals. Within months of its launch, 75Health went viral on the international platform receiving huge appreciations from countries around the world. For instance, Chinese manufacturers expressed their interest in integrating their hardware with the EHR, while Nigeria requested the EHR for a health analysis on flu outbreaks.

Fewer Papers, less Errors

75Health is a total cloud based solution without any hassle of downloading and installing; users could just log in through the browser and start charting. \"As a Paediatrician, I am very comfortable using 75Health. Vaccination and appointment reminders are most lovely features. Lab values and receipt features attached with software are awesome. This software will boost your confidence for sure,\" says Dr. Elampariti, a Paediatrician from Bangalore. 75Health systems leave little control of the process and product of health record management in the hands of users. The EHR is equipped with handsome features such as appointment scheduling, billing management along with video conferencing and patient video visits further enhancing the user experience. 75Health has an exclusive internal messaging platform for doctors which enable them to synchronize patient\'s updates over chat.

The modules are developed by highly experience professionals as per the latest methodologies & UI with continuous support from the doctors. \"Since the product is cloud based, these offerings bring further value to our clients by primarily giving them the option to access it from anywhere, anytime and in any device including mobiles. Data can be transferred and stored across the globe within a matter of seconds. This automatically excludes the chances of data getting destroyed or minimized,\" says Kumar Subramaniam, CEO, Kaaspro Enterprises. The company makes constant efforts to provide new features and first-rate after-sales support with round the clock attendance. It even enables E-prescriptions which minimize serious errors by transmitting digitized prescription data.

Unlike most of the EHRs, 75Health has made special efforts to provide complex features in the most convenient way. The EHR provides users with a unique single page approach to navigating between pages giving an incomparable experience when compared to other EHR providers. \"We look to address those using tools such as bootstrap to make our websites dynamically scale at any screen sizes, even mobile. Issues such as EHR data entry time consumption are countered with one page navigation/UX to cut down the duration it normally takes,\" adds Kumar.

Future Vision

Envisioning to engage more users soon, the company is providing its services free of cost. Kaaspro believes in building a community and taking collective feedbacks to enhance features on the website. \"We are looking to continue with this strategy for a period of two years, and we will be taking a call on our revenue generating streams at the end of two years,\" asserts Kumar. Kaaspro is running on white labelling and private cloud as their revenue generation medium. The company has been launching new version of the website every month with enhanced features and focusing on building a great user experience. Kaaspro works with a team of 11 highly experienced developers from two locations in Chennai and US. The company provides a homely environment and provides constant training enabling the employees to grow with the company. With no hidden charges and world class features, 75Health is a bonanza that will ease up the workload for hospitals and doctors.

Key Management

Kumar Subramaniam, CEO
Kumar is also the co-founder of Kumaran Systems. He has an industry experience of nearly three decades and has played a key role in ensuring organizations outstanding business performance.

Sridevi Kumaramangalam, Joint Director
She has been the driving force behind the creation of the financial and HR policies and setting up standard operational processes. Sridevi has been instrumental in recognizing and acquiring fresh talent and fostering the existing team as well.

Anish Kumaramangalam, Director
Anish has done B.S graduation from the University of San Francisco with a major in Computer Engineering. He is passionate and driven by technology and believes in his vision of how to take the healthcare industry to the next level through efficient medical information technology.

Offices: Chennai & U.S. Bay Area

Client name:

  • Dr. S. Elamparithi, Paediatrician, Director, Dr. Thangamma Hospital, Bangalore, India

  • Dr Haroon Haffejee, MBCHB (Natal) FAMMED (Pret), Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa

  • Dr. Larry, Physician, Harmelia Wellness Institute, South Africa

  • Jude Mbionwu, Vestude Technology Services, Nigeria

  • Ritesh Karamchand, ZMD, Hong Kong