Ideal Analytics: Transforming Customers into Partners with Inimitable Product

Date:   Sunday , November 23, 2014

Recent reports show that India is still the dominant leader in Analytics industry due to readily available talent and growing industry maturity.Though many companies are jumping on Analytics bandwagon, they getlost with garden-variety services. ButIdeal Analytics stands apart from the herd with sheer zeal, as they entered into the industrywiththeir expertise and comfort that lies in Analytics. Due to their high competency in developing inimitable products by amalgamating BI and data analytics in a completely web-based environment, Ideal Analytics paces leagues ahead of any direct competitors. The company\'s R&D wing is now a coveted group of technology leaders. Founded in 2010, IdealAnalytics initially launched their product in France and soon acquired VMware and Blackberry as their first two customers. Ideal Analytics is firmly founded on Indian soil with the firmest faith on Indian capability to serve the Global Market.

Though the company did not look to raise funds initially, they nurtured their brand solely based on the strength of their productdue to their limited capacity of marketing.In their initial days of inception, to manage cash flow, the company provided services and ploughed it back for product development. After launching cloud service additionally in 2011, Ideal Analytics spread out to UK, Australia, U.S., New Zealand, Mauritius and Malaysia. The company entered into Indian sales & marketing industry in 2013, and they knocked off the dominant market leaders in Indian healthcare industry.

Going through bouts of strategic challenges, Ideal Analytics optimized the logical processes in every step of their way. With hard-earned managerial skills, Ideal Analytics accelerated their sales by strategizing channel based sales, where they acquired numerous partners like and others. Ideal has over ten OEMpartners, who integrate their products with Ideal Analytics.

Ideal has adopted 4E marketing strategy (Establish-Enable-Engage-Excite), where they establish partners and enable them to sell products by providing collaterals and vigorous training. The partners are engaged through continuous upload of updates and case studies in partner portal. The company excites them by driving revenues through Ideal Analytics\' prominent lead generation process.

Powerful Tools

Sticking to their technical strength, this four-year old startup built CRM, PRM & Lead generation software like Ideal Campaign, Ideal Channel & Ideal CRM for internal use. Yet, Ideal Campaign is being used by numerous giants including Amazon, Adobe, BOX and Kaspersky; with no marketing. As these software are so powerful, it enables the company to manage the whole ecosystem processes, partners, pipeline & marketing with a tiny team.

Being there since Ideal Analytics\' inception (almost ZERO attrition), their technical team is completely synchronized with company\'s vision. There is no manager in the flat organization and everybody follows the product map. The highly responsible and passionate people of Ideal Analytics have an average experience of 8-12 years that collectively makes their experience surpass several other organizations.

As the company offers solutions on premises, private & public cloud, they are capable of reaching global customers without big infrastructure and manage them remotely. In a short span of 3 years, the company has gained over 20 big-ticket enterprise customers globally and 2000 plus accounts in their cloud. Ideal Analytics\' free BI on cloud service for personal usage is highly appreciated.

Innovating strategies like offering free BI on cloud for personal usage have enabled Ideal Analytics to close two huge deals in the emerging market of Africa, even without setting foot there. As they are branching out globally with roots in Kolkata, Ideal Analytics is geared up for the road bumps ahead. Currently the company is restructuring, strategizing a proper channel and hiring best contributors, to be apace with their rapid progress.
As their product has already been certified by customers, the company has elaborate plans to grow rapidly to 13 more countries by end of this financial year, with the encouragement of a few VCs and PEs. Ideal Analytics is keen on strengthening their R&D with funds, as many strong features yet to be added are in the pipeline. Even with a small team of 20 technology evangelists, the company expects to cross$1 million revenue by the end of this year and excited by the growing rate, the company is looking up for a conservative estimated revenue of $50 million in next 5 years


Key Management

Sanjoy Chatterjee, Co-Founder, Director of the Board & CTO

The IIT alumnus is one of the very few entrepreneurs leading very profitable & venerated business endeavors with technical expertise down to atomic level. His acumen in the BI & Analytics world has raised bemused appreciation among the clientele.

Product:Ideal Analytics, Big-ticket


Europe: VMware, Blackberry, Allianz, Euler Hermes, Arval (BNP Paribas)
U.S.: Atmio, Medi-code, Salesforce
India: Adobe, Serco, Fortis Hospitals, Lilavati Hospital, Peerless Hospitals, Apollo Gleneagles
Africa: National Bank of Malawi, Expand Technologies
Offices: Kolkata (Headquarter), France


1. Placed in the ExemplarsSection, Ideal Analytics Scored highest on Market Focus &Execution Excellence in the Product Excellence Matrix by Frost & Sullivan
2. NASSCOM Emerge 50 in product category-2013 & Product ConclaveAward-2014

Director Speak:

Future of Business is in Analytics - this comprises every wings of the business world. Our mission was to gear up technology to help businesses that could only have been provided through analytics. By analytics, we mean the ease, freedom and flexibility provided to the on-the-field analysts and business users. They might not bother about technology intricacies \' that was our job. As technologists, we are cut out to be the base of future business. Ideal Analytics was conceived on these lines. We stood apart due to our mission - our experience guided us to become business innovators from being mere technology evangelists.
Analyze to optimize your business - optimize to gain ROI.