R&M India: Striving to Serve Better through Forward Looking Cabling Solutions

Date:   Thursday , January 08, 2015

The flourishing infrastructure growth in India has been precipitating massive requirements in the telecommunications sector, which is estimated to further gleam at pinnacle in the next 3 years. Poised precisely to provide innovative and highly-reliable solutions with an established reputation across India is Reichle & De-Massari India (R&M India), a futuristic cabling specialist providing passive cabling solutions for high-quality communication networks. The Swiss-based company founded in 1964 commenced its operations in India in 2006. Consistently innovating in terms of products as well as markets enabled Gaurav Ahluwalia, Managing Director, R&M India, to spearhead R&M India to achieve a double digit growth year-on-year, since its commencement. Striving to serve better and faster, the company is headquartered in Bangalore, with sales personnel across Tier 1 cities in 2006, they expanded their reach to tier-2 andtier-3 cities within a couple of years and also added regional distributors on board.

R&M that has over 100 international IPs and won an innovation award for FM45 and if Product Design Award for their Cat.6A module in 2007 at a product front. R&M was also recognized as a top 5 cabling company in India-2010, Top 2 brand-2013 and a top 100 company in the Indian IT sector - 2014, at a business front. In March 2014, the company acquired Advanced Fiber Systems (AFS), an Indian fiber-optic manufacturer, who has been R&M\'s certified assembly partner for years. This enabled R&M to develop on-trend fiber-optic network deployments, FTTH roll-outs and data center projects, while safeguarding their high-quality and innovative approach. This acquisition not only raised R&M\'s employee strength in India above 100, but also enabled the company to attain a couple of huge projects in the telecommunications sector and elevate their vast local presence to next level.

Building Long-term Relationships

R&M invests 7-8 percent of their revenue into R&D. Apart from the R&D facility in Switzerland, R&M also has a competent R&D team in India to design products according to customer\'s requirements. By producing modular products that are easier to install, assemble and reassemble with fewer tools, the company has always retained their own space and market segment since inception. Nevertheless, R&M welcomes the healthy competition that would thrust them to excel. Noting that R&M comes from Europe, a shielded solution market, the company has a wide range of innovative data centre products to fulfill India\'s FTTH requirements. Since R&M lays utmost importance in building long-term relationship with customers, unsurprisingly the company has acquired some exclusive customers, who are with the company for the past 7 years. To ensure that their customers attain their product\'s benefits, R&M properly balance between price range and quality.

Training and Support

The R&M Qualified Partner Program (QPP) covers training, certification and long-term support for all R&M partners who sell R&M cabling systems. With QPP, R&M ensures top-notch training and installation worldwide. In their 3-level warranty program, they guarantee the proper functioning of the R&M cabling system and the transmission of all ratified network services. The warranty is extended through certified partners who are trained under the Qualified Partner Program (QPP). R&M\'s approach along with its comprehensive warranty program ensures increased customer satisfaction and perfect operational reliability.

R&M takes a no-compromise approach to quality. That approach extends from the creation of the components to the ongoing operation of the installations. R&M\'s Qualified Partner Program (QPP) benefits all our end customers, distributors, planners, installers and system integrators.

Pleasant Family Culture

Most of R&M\'s employees have been with the company for a long-term. The company is proud to have the right team and truly appreciates their effort. R&M has also been able to achieve such long-term commitment from the employees of the acquired companies, with R&M\'s pleasant work culture that bonds like family. R&M\'s team in Switzerland constantly interacts with the Indian team to make sure that they are working in tandem. Since the company is renowned for high-quality and innovations, the Indian R&D team endeavours to maintain the reputation by pioneering innovative products.

Ambitious to Expand

Apart from setting a strong foot print in the northern and southern regions of India, R&M has also started reaping the fruits in the impenetrable western region this year. R&M is confident that the platform attained from AFS acquisition will enable further growth in a big scale over the next 3 years, while smoothing the price and availability challenges in telecommunications sector. Ambitious to expand their operations, R&M has formulated a blueprint for the next 2 years to bring more products into local assembly from this platform, in both private and public sectors. \"For the telecommunications sector, we have planned a complete assembly of products including fiber ODF and patch guards for single and multi-mode applications. We are already on the hunt for a bigger space and keen on enhancing our regional sales,\"says Gaurav Ahluwalia, MD, R&M India.

Though the company has established their brand in metros and a few tier-2 & 3 cities over the past 7 years, R&M has set a goal to be in every corner of India in another 3 years. Being a private entity of R&M that is committed to the Asian market, R&M India holds a promising future of becoming a huge hub for R&M globally.