Simpragma: Simple & Practical Solutions for Enterprise Mobile Applications

Date:   Tuesday , August 25, 2015

Rashmi loathes interacting with customer care services via interactive voice response. It not only kills her precious time but also abstains her from continuing with day-to-day activities. To make life unfussy and trouble-free for individuals like her, Simpragma which is a belvedere for offering simple and pragmatic solutions, crafted a mobile application touted as Breeze. Incepted in 2012 in Bangalore, the company\'s flagship product Breeze is a one-stop-shop for all customer care contacts to browse the IVR visually and connect to the required option. With the assistance of this app, customers do not have to abide by the shabby voice, background noise and a never-ending list of guidelines.

This app is the brainchild of Ankush Deshpande and Manjunath Hanasi, founders of the venture that builds spectacular mobile applications. Their 18 years of experience in the IT industry that saw a lot of complexity and clutter in IT solutions making the systems hard to grasp, maneuver and maintain, prompted them to start an organization focused on providing simple and pragmatic IT solutions. \'Use of Right Technologies\' and \'Right use of technologies\' are the primary drivers for Simpragma in any of the solutions offered.

Simpragma Solutions has a strong team of experienced individuals with zeal to create a difference to lives of people. \"In the industry, there are a lot of mobile app developers, but the experience that we have in developing and integrating, enterprise applications, API, cloud and front end MVC frameworks is a rare blend of team,\" asserts Askush Deshpande, CEO, Simpragma. The company is well versed with security measures adapted in mobile apps and keeps itself abreast with latest happenings and best practices in the industry, through events, newsletters and magazines.

An example of the sophisticated app they developed is AIRFI, which is an upheaval in the aviation industry. It is a small piece of box which acts both as a Wi-Fi router and a server providing in-flight entertainment for the passengers on their own mobile devices like mobile phones, tablets and laptops. The inflight entertainment system works in offline mode in the aircraft allowing passengers to chat, shop, browse destinations, play games and watch videos. The solution costs fraction of the price of an inflight entertainment system, updates contents and features quickly and with a fraction of effort compared to current inflight entertain systems.

Stumble Stones Transformed into Stepping Stones

As often said, with great opportunities come greater challenges. Simpragma, during its initial days, faced severe crunches, but the duo did not limit the challenges, instead decided to trounce the limits. During the venture\'s preliminary days, the duo was not very certain on what sphere of technology to focus on and what technologies to use for what predicaments. However, with service contracts coming in from big fishes, their goal became clearer. They decided to venture into the mobile app development realm. However, defiance did not cease here. The company presently faces critical situations in terms of marketing its products; nevertheless it is constantly thriving to overcome this phenomenon with the help of the best marketing brains.

The cubicle-less office allows everyone to interact with each other. Knowledge sharing sessions are organized every Friday of the week where the employees are enlightened about various issues, especially tech-talks. The organization uses a program termed \'Simphoria\' to encourage employees contribute to self, organization and industry and earn points. The points are then redeemed with cash or kind rewards. With an office in the US, the company envisions invading into IoT and also expanding its footprints in other geographies in the coming year.