Avani: The Leader in Ever Expanding Mobile Enterprise Solutions Market

Date:   Wednesday , March 18, 2015

Numerous surveys stress the magnitude of customer focus, which is forecasted to even eclipse product features and cost factors in future. Deliberately or not, larger enterprises fecklessly bet on their brand name and blatantly disregard all these three most imperative factors as they grow bigger and bigger. Noticing this injustice during his tenures in MNCs, Sameer Penakalapati, a typical IT hireling, wielded sheer customer focus as the key to unfurl the best cost and product factors and found the treasure of success. Unveiling the secret to his great success, \'So much can be accomplished by having more focused approach towards customers\', simply states Sameer, a self-made man who raised his company from scratch to Inc.500 America\'s fastest growing private companies with $12 million software product and custom software solutions development company.

Intriguing Hitherto Cynical Enterprises

In today\'s saturated enterprise solutions space, Avani surges ahead of the competition by handpicking key areas like HMC (Human Capital Management) and marrying them with the trending technologies (cloud & mobility) and heedfully chosen powerful tools appropriate for that certain customer. However, the factor that singles out Avani is its prowess in providing these exceptional services is flexible and customer-driven cost models. Ambitious to enabling clients to bank on innovative trends, the company empowers businesses to easily migrate towards SaaS based delivery models and mobility from legacy enterprise systems, managed through various subscription models. Built its forte on mobility, Avani stands apart from the crowded enterprise migration arena owing to its expertise indiligently analysing which part of the enterprise system features can go to mobile and how to protect and navigate the data more securely and efficiently. The company also innovates several mobile apps in HCM space as well as several free all-purpose apps. For instance, Raksha - Help In Need, a free app for personal safety landed Avani\'s concern for social causes firmly on the radar of Indian and American media including several top publications. Avani intrigues even hitherto cynical organizations to dip their toes in cloud & mobility with its consistent delivery excellence; thanks to its dedicated project management teams for every project and guaranteed resource availability in onsite, offsite and hybrid pay-on-delivery models.

Soaring to Greater Heights

Impressed with Avani\'s niche that sets it apart from larger competitors; Chase Bank granted Sameer a line of credit for $2 million. That\'s all Sameer needed to build an empire. Investing it wisely in recruiting skilled resources, Avani instigated its operations in 2010 in Rochester, New York and instilled his customer-centric mindset upon his people. The company enthralled its toehold in the industry by implementing an exceptional global CRM package within impressive budget and timeline. As this success story proved to be competent player, soon Avani forged a stellar reputation as the early adopters of new technologies, who has a knack for building innovative products and services at most economic way by exploring open source technologies. Thanks to tons of strong positive buzz, Avani kept broadening its offerings apace with its rapidly increasing clientele in commercial enterprises as well as government sector including city of New York, Abbott Nutrition, Kodak, ConServe, Cognizant, and Various state agencies and school districts to name a few.

Following Avani\'s eye-popping explosion of 1916 percent growth in three years, America welcomed the company with open arms into its highly exclusive club of Inc.500, since the company earned the 238th position on Inc.5000 2014. The company expanded its territory from New York and Michigan to over 14 states in U.S. as well as to UK, India and various countries in Asia. The company also attained several accolades and recognitions like Rochester Top 100 and certifications like ISO 27001:2005 & ISO 9001:2008 for its top-notch R&D facility in Hyderabad. Today, Avani stands tall with proven expertise in developing cloud & mobile based enterprise solutions with its grand line up of successfully selling products in flexible needs-based cost models.

Proffering Best Available Options

\"Truly committed to provide the best available option that suits customers, we empower customers of any size with a much more efficient, modern and elegant mobile solution, the overall cost of which is just a tiny fraction of what they would spend in the market,\" asserts Sameer Penakalapati, President & CEO, Avani Technology Solutions Inc. To relieve customers from data security concerns, Avani works with various third party providers for exploiting various security features akin to SSL data encryption at multi-layer flat-file database architecture in the company\'s sophisticated platform. Having built strong partnerships with major enterprise players including an Oracle (Gold) and Microsoft along with various industry partnerships, Avani continually integrates numerous major enterprise players\' solutions to the company\'s current product portfolio. Constantly keeping an eye out for new technology inventions and frameworks, Avani\'s proficient R&D team builds POC to leverage these innovations to solve business problems either by introducing new products to markets or by extending existing enterprise packaged solutions to mobile platform.

For instance, when Avani sensed an opportunity to outdo itself, it perceived that the existing products in HCM space were lacking strength in mobility, which is further exacerbated with far expensive price structure. Especially for SMBs who are unable to spend a million on software and another million on customization, these products were still a world away. Determined to construct a bridge to adjoin the two worlds, Avani built CEIPAL, a pure BYOD application for HCM space, and deployed it on a monthly subscription model that requires zero initial cost. This first-of-its-kind built-in solution for complete mobile platform and enterprise portals platform is also one-of-its-kind cloud-based end-to-end people management product, since CEIPAL encompasses a suite of end-customer focused mobile apps with simple and intuitive UI for adeptly managing workforce, vendors and customers on a single platform. This human capital system developed on an open-source platform can be combined with Avani-built mobility solutions as well as legacy enterprise systems.

This is Just a Beginning

Even though several companies might arise with a concept similar to Avani, the company will still have plenty of room to grow, not just because of the fact that the market needs outweigh the number of players in the market, but also due to Avani\'s thirst for innovation and sheer customer focus. Avani has a passion to be the IT partner of choice to help meet and exceed clients\' information systems objectives in features, value, speed and quality. As the company is getting obligations to suit up all its products on anywhere anytime devices, Avani is keen on building its own enterprise mobile solutions. The company that is well on its way to swell into a $20 million venture by 2015 is ambitious to become one of the top 10 enterprise cloud application providers and evolve into a leader in the ever-expanding mobile enterprise solutions market.


Key Management

Sameer Kumar Penakalapati, Founder, President & CEO

Sameer is a BITS, Pilani alumnus with Harvard executive management certification over fifteen years of experience in delivering IT solutions to customers globally. This self-made entrepreneur is pushing the boundaries of corporate world with revolutionary business strategies and pioneering technology solutions. He spearheaded Avani to attain rapid ascent into a $12 million company. Sameer also helped Avani to achieve NYDOT DBE, and SBA 8(A) certifications.


Avani has 3 major revenue sources – enterprise solutions, products & pure consulting services that complement each other.


IT staffing & consulting and project management consulting

Enterprise Solutions

With 24/7 support, Avani offers the following ERP solutions to the verticals namely automobile, BFSI, Hi-Tech, healthcare and manufacturing

  • •Customized ERP solutions,,

  • •End-to-end enterprise security testing solutions

  • •Migration of legacy enterprise solutions to cloud & mobile

  • •Providing skilled IT professionals in the areas of Mobility, Web Applications, Security Testing, and Enterprise computing


CEIPAL:This cloud based workforce management SaaS tool encompasses the most comprehensive and extensive solutions integrated into one platform including:

TalentHire: Manages job posting, applicant profiles, interviews, hiring suitable applicants and initiating on-boarding that is customized for specific verticals.
Workforce: Manages employ’s leaves, Expenses, Timesheets, benefits, eVerify integration as well as departments and hierarchy structure with most advanced security & database architecture.

PayDataExtract: Extracts payroll data and generates report that acts as a dashboard for executives to track trends and impacts on cash-flows.

Vendors:Vendor management tool enabling users to generate report &export to multiple sources

Customers:client business information, client point contact information and contractual documents are managed in this tool along with Standard and custom reporting.

FileCabinet: Manages all kinds of documents with defined security hierarchy with user define workflow features.

Enterprise Mobility

Raksha, TimeSheet, Pic Locator, Expense Tracker, SAP – Inventory Management System, Human Capital Management Suit and several mobile apps

Time Line

2010: Acquired first Fortune 500 customer, opened an office in India
2011: Cross $5 Million revenue, Initiated CEIPAL product
2012: Achieved 50 percent growth, Opened R&D facility in Hyderabad
2013: Attained a global revenue of $10 Million, Awarded 2 federal contract vehicles – GSA & Seaport-e, Became DOT certified DBE
2014: Reached $12 Million revenue